Email, save and print visa entitlements

You can give organisations and individuals your visa entitlement details by emailing them direct from VEVO. You can also save or print a Portable Document Format (PDF) copy for your own records.

To email, save and print your entitlement details, login to VEVO and view your entitlements.

Figure 1 - Entitlement details page - displaying entitlement details for a visa holder screen.


How to email visa entitlement details

  1. From your entitlement details page click 'Send Email'. The 'Create email' screen will open.

    Figure 2 - Create email screen.

  2. Enter the recipients email address in the 'Recipient email address' field and enter your email address in the 'Your email address' field.
  3. Email addresses must be correctly formatted, for example:
  4. You name will be noted on the form as it matches to our records. This is the name that will be sent to the recipient.
  5. Click 'Send Email'. If you want to change any of your details before sending the email, click  'Clear' to remove the data.
  6. A notification from VEVO confirming the email has been sent will appear above your entitlements.

    Figure 3 - VEVO notification confirming email has been sent.

How to save or print visa entitlement details

From your entitlement details page click 'View as PDF'.

  • You will be given the option to save or open the PDF
  • Open the PDF to print it.

Figure 4 - PDF view of VEVO.