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Narrator: Australian Trusted Trader opened on the 1st July 2016 and is one of the most fundamental trade reforms in Australia’s history. All Australian businesses active in the international supply chain are encouraged to apply to the programme, including importers, exporters and service providers such as BCR.

David Katte: At BCR we’re an Australian based international freight forwarding organisation. We provide international freight services, air freight and sea freight, import and export, we also provide customs clearance and border clearance services in addition to third party logistics, 3PL services, which is the warehousing pick and pack and delivery services.

We’ve got 80 personnel Australia wide, we’ve got offices in four states and seven warehouse locations around the country.

We started out in 1892, Frank Cridland started the business, single horse and cart back then. We’re a medium sized service provider and have a diverse range of customers and cargo that we deal with. In addition to general cargo, we do tend to specialise heavily in motor vehicles and also motor vehicle spare parts. Though we also deal in fast moving consumer goods, the FMCG, we also have medical products.

We’ve always been passionate about our industry and have a long history of working with government and government initiatives. Australian Trusted Trader, it’s a new programme and like every new programme there’s been many challenges that we’ve had to overcome.

We’re a service provider and it’s critical that service providers are included in  the supply chain, we’re a critical part of the supply chain and it’s very important that from the outset that we and other service providers assist in the development and shaping of the programme.

As far as benefits of the programme, the Account Manager is a major improvement, having that single point of contact. As far as the fundamentals of the programme it will result in less government intervention and priority processing at arrival, which will, undoubtedly, benefit customers. It’s going to give confidence to customers and future customers that they’re dealing with an organisation that’s dealing in industry best practice and that they’ve got an enhanced certainty in border processing.

One of the big draw cards is that duty deferral in 2017, that will be a major benefit to industry. Part of the ATT programme is that it encourages critical evaluation of existing processes, that’s a fundamental part of our philosophy, constantly looking for ways to become more efficient with streamlined processes. Strong compliance leads to improved operational efficiencies, with innovation and best practice come core savings. And this programme adds another level of discipline, transparency and efficiency that will translate into financial benefits.

Narrator: Australian Trusted Trader will bring economic benefit and growth. It is forecast that the programme will have a net positive impact to industry worth 2.91 billion dollars over the next ten years. By 2020 we aim to have approximately 1000 traders representing 30 per cent of Australia’s two way trade. For more information visit

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