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Security incident reporting

Under part 6 of the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 (ATSA) and part 9 of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2013 (MTOFSA), aviation, maritime transport and offshore facility security incidents must be reported to the Department of Home Affairs (the Department).

Report an aviation security incident

Aviation security incidents must be reported to the Department under Part 6 of the ATSA.

Notification of an aviation security incident is required as soon as possible. Reports must be made either in writing or orally, and followed up in writing within 24 hours. The report should contain as much information as possible based.

Reports can be made by:

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Report a maritime security incident

A maritime security incident under Part 9 of the MTOFSA should be reported in writing, or orally and followed up in writing, as soon as possible. The optimal time for receipt of an incident report by the Department is within 24 hours of the transport security incident occurring.

Reports can be made by:

Note: Use of the maritime security incident report form, while not mandatory, ensures that all information required under Section 4 of the Notice is included. Where not all information is included, the report is deemed not to have been made (subsection 182(3) of the MTOFSA).

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