Review into security at Australian security regulated airports

On 8 August, the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Honourable Darren Chester MP, formally directed the Inspector of Transport Security (ITS) to conduct a review into security at Australian security regulated airports.

Progress of the review

The ITS has requested submissions from airports, major airlines, aviation peak bodies and is seeking input from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Australian Border Force, the Australian Federal Police and the Office of Transport Security.

Queries and/or comments can be emailed to

Terms of Reference

It is important that security measures are kept under constant review to ensure they remain appropriate and are adapting to new and emerging issues.

Australian airports play an important role in providing vital services for many communities, including access to health and education, and supporting economic growth and opportunities in our regions. It is important that we balance the important role airports play in our social and economic wellbeing, against the need to ensure that the overall aviation network remains safe and secure.

The review will consider and report on the security settings and regulatory requirements as they apply to security regulated airports, including if:

  1. Australia's aviation security framework as it applies to major, regional and remote airports is proportionate to the aviation security threat environment known today
  2. The existing airport security arrangements need to be strengthened, and if so, where and how this is most effectively done;
  3. Existing security requirements for airports allow effective responses in cases of heightened threat or new and emerging security issues; and
  4. Any other issues relevant to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of security at Australia's airports.