Security screening - aviation industry participants - frequently asked questions

Aviation protection officer qualifications have been released on but the training requirements in the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 (ATSR) have not changed. Will my screening officers need to do different training, and if so when will it be required?

In 2013 the two qualifications were developed by industry and the Department with the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council. They were designed to meet training needs specific to the job roles of screening officers. These qualifications are recognised as equivalent to Certificate II in Security Operations and meet the training requirements under regulation 5.06(d) of the ATSR.

What do I need to do to have the Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection made available at my airport?

Registered training organisations (RTOs) will need access to your airport, some materials to develop their training resources, and to train and assess participants. You will need to provide the RTO with:

Will I need to work with multiple RTOs to find graduates to work as screeners at my airport?

Possibly. Some RTOs may choose to work independently from airports as they are only interested in delivering those units of competence that do not require training and assessment in the workplace or assessment through the National Assessment Tool. They are not able to issue the qualification.

Other RTOs may choose to deliver this training in or through a partnership arrangement with other training or technical providers. RTOs will cooperate so that nationally consistent screener training is available.

Who will be responsible for keeping the training records for my screener graduates?

RTOs maintain their students' records and are periodically audited by Australian Skills Quality Authority, including the training records. The Department's aviation security inspectors will periodically audit the training records of aviation industry participants.

Can we hire trained screeners from overseas without re-training them?

All screeners must satisfy the Australian Government's qualification and training requirements. They must hold either a Certificate II in Security Operations or a Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection delivered by an Australian RTO and complete training and assessments.

Note: The Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Treaty does not cover this occupation, therefore screeners from New Zealand will also have to undergo training in Australia to work at an Australian airport.