Aviation screening officer training qualifications

Aviation industry participants must fulfil their training obligations in accordance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005.

Minimum qualifications for screening officers

  • Certificate ll in Security Operations; or
  • Certificate ll in Aviation Transport Protection including:
    • AVI20613 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (passenger/non-passenger screener); and
    • AVI20713 Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection (checked baggage screener).

Registered training organisations (RTO) delivery process

Conditions apply for the training and assessment of the Certificate II in Aviation Transport Protection delivered by RTOs. These are described within the qualifications and units of competence, including the requirement to:

  • access the security-controlled airport facilities (the workplace); and
  • use mandated assessment instrument resources—the National Assessment Tool.

The process for RTOs to deliver the Certificate II in aviation Transport Protection is outlined in the diagram below.

Diagram explaining the process RTOs undertake to deliver the Certificate II in aviation transport protection

Screener accreditation scheme

The Australian Government is introducing a new screener accreditation scheme. This means the training requirements for aviation security screening officers will change. Read more about the proposed changes at Screener Accreditation Scheme.

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