Help with forms

​How to use these forms

The forms and booklets on this website are designed to be printed out using your computer and printer.

PDF forms

To use a PDF application form, you will need to print a copy, and then fill in the form by hand.

Fillable PDF forms

A fillable PDF application form has fillable sections that can be typed in on a computer and then printed out and signed, rather than printing the form and filling in by hand.
Important: If you are viewing fillable PDF forms using Acrobat Reader®, you will not be able to save the information entered into that form. Complete the application first and then print out a copy.

Making a valid application

To make a valid application, an applicant is usually required to do the following:

You must also:

  • complete the application in English
  • answer all questions truthfully – if you provide incorrect information or documents, your visa may not be granted
  • provide originals or certified copies of any required documents unless the department advises otherwise.

An application is not valid, and cannot be considered, until all the above requirements have been met.

The application form used must be the correct form for the class of visa sought, and must be completed in accordance with the form instructions.
Note: Some visa applications do not have an application form and/or no visa application charge is payable.

Copyright for forms

Visa application forms on this website are subject to Commonwealth copyright but may be reproduced by computer for the purposes of making a visa application.