Help with information booklets

Australian migration and temporary entry booklets are made available free of charge from this website. This page offers help for computer users.

'Format unknown' message

To read or print the booklet, you must have installed on your computer Adobe Reader. Download the latest version from the Adobe website.

I am unable to download the Adobe Reader

You will need to seek assistance from the Adobe

How do I save the booklet onto my computer?

If you are a PC user:

  1. Right-click the link for the booklet you want to save.
  2. From the pop-up list, click the 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' option.
  3. Save the booklet to your hard drive and then open the booklet using the Adobe Reader.

If the booklet opens up in your browser, save it onto your computer by clicking on the floppy disk icon.

If you are a Macintosh user:

  1. Right-click the link for the booklet you want to save.
  2. Point to the link, hold down the mouse button and then click 'Download Link to Disk'.
  3. Specify a name and location for the file.
  4. Click save.

How do I get application forms mentioned in the booklet?

All forms related to the booklet are available from the same page which has the link to the booklet.

Follow the same procedure as above, to save a form onto your computer.

I am having problems printing the booklet

Printing problems could be caused by one of the following:

  1. you need to ensure that your print dialogue box has the 'Shrink To Fit' (or 'Fit to page' ) box ticked.
  2. you do not have a current Adobe Reader. Download the latest version from the Adobe website.
    you need to upgrade your printer drivers
  3. the file has been corrupted during download.

If, after checking items 1 to 3, you are still experiencing problems, please contact this website's webmaster, giving details of the problem.
See: Feedback about our site

Where do I get more migration information?

The information contained in these booklets should be used as a guide only as the requirements may change from the date of printing a booklet. Before you lodge a visa application you should check the website for the most current visa specific information.

Once you have read the website and the booklet and still require help, you can contact the Department.
See: Departmental Offices

What does the message 'external Adobe Window handler not found' mean?

This problem could be due to a number of things:

  1. the Adobe Reader COM handler hasn't been properly registered with Windows (if you are using Windows)
  2. you may be mixing platforms between the browser and the Adobe Reader (a 32 bit browser and 16 bit version of the Reader)
  3. you may have loaded Adobe for Windows on a Mac and the Mac browser is not able to handle this.

If the Adobe Reader actually runs on your computer, right click on the form link and select 'Save Target as' (or its equivalent) from the menu. This will allow you to make a copy onto your hard drive. You can then open the form or booklet in Adobe Reader rather than having the browser load the Adobe Reader to view the file.

Creating an association for PDF files

If your booklet file does not automatically open using the Adobe Reader, you may need to create an association (this will normally happen automatically when you installed the Adobe Reader.)

If your computer has lost the automatic association of PDF files with the Adobe Reader, use the following steps to restore it:

  1. Find a PDF file using Windows Explorer
  2. Select that file by clicking on it once
  3. Hold down the 'Shift' key and single click using your RIGHT mouse button (unless you're set up left handed - then use the LEFT button)
  4. Choose the 'Open With' option from the pop-up menu
  5. Choose 'AcroRd32' (the two numbers may be different depending on which version you have installed)
  6. Make sure the box for 'Always use this program to open this type of file' has a tick in it
  7. Click OK.

You should now be able to automatically open PDF files using the Adobe Reader.