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I have lodged my visa application, but things have changed. How do I update my application?

If you have already lodged your visa application, and we have not made a decision, you can use Form 1022 - Notification of Changes in Circumstances (77KB PDF) to update your information.

Return this completed form via email, post or fax to the office where you lodged your application. For any other matters (including proposed visa cancellation) please return to the office of the department that is responsible for your matter. If you are unsure which office is responsible for your matter, this form can be submitted by post to your nearest departmental office.

Examples of things you need to tell us include:

  • serious illness or a death in your family
  • your relationship status (married, divorced, entered a de facto relationship)
  • you become engaged to be married
  • you changed your name
  • you have a child.