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The Australian Representative Office in Ramallah has no visa function. The Department's office in Tel Aviv, Israel, manages visa and citizenship services for clients in the Palestinian Territories.  

More information about visa and lodgement is available.

Australian Embassy

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

This office provides immigration and visa services to clients from the Palestinian Territories as the Australian Representative Office in Ramallah has no visa function.

Street address
Australian Embassy
Discount Bank Tower
Levels 28 and 29
23 Yehuda Halevi St (Corner Herzl St)
Tel Aviv 65136
Postal address
PO Box 29108
Tel Aviv 61290
Counter hours
By appointment unless there is a genuine emergency or exceptional circumstances.
For appointments, contact the Embassy by email or phone using the above details.
972 3 693 5000
972 3691 5223
Electronic contact
Email address: immigration.telaviv@dfat.gov.au

Additional information

Payment information

Credit Card​

Payments using credit card will be processed in Australian dollars (AUD). We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners and JCB. When paying by a credit card you may incur a credit card surcharge, banking and currency conversion fees and you will need to accept the risk associated with any currency fluctuations.​​​​​

Prior to lodging your application, you may need to notify your bank of an upcoming foreign credit card transaction. Failure to do so may result in your transaction being declined. Without payment your application is invalid.

Credit card transactions processed in Australian dollars (AUD) are processed in Australia.​​​​​ A credit card surcharge may apply to transactions made using your credit card.

For credit card payments use the Payment Details Form - 1440​.​​​​​


Payment must be made by Israeli bank or postal cheques, payable to the Australian Embassy, Tel Aviv. 


​Personal cheques are not accepted.



Cash may be accepted only in cases of genuine emergency and from Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza who are unable to obtain Israeli bank or postal cheque.

​Making payment in Australia

Fees may be paid​ at any of our offi​ces in Australia. Once the fee has been paid, you will need to provide a copy of the receipt with your application.​​​


​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Applications for Citizenship by Descent are processed by the Australian High Commission in London.​​


​Applications for Australian citizenship general eligibility and other situations, and applications to resume or renounce (give up) Australian citizenship should be lodged at the Canberra Visa and Citizenship office in Australian Capital Territory​.


Special procedures

If you are from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip you may find it difficult to travel to Tel Aviv to obtain visa, immigration and citizenship services. You can lodged by post, courier or travel agents. If an interview is required after the lodgement of the application, we will contact you and make the necessary arrangements. If you are in the West Bank/Gaza Strip and Israel we encourage you to use the post, courier, travel agents or our online services.​​​

Panel physician

Gaza Strip

Gaza Diagnostic Centre
​​Medical and Radiology examinations
Street address

Wehda Street, Rimal
(opposite Al-Shifa Hospital)​


+972 8 284 0266
+972 599 485 577


+972 8 286 0832

Electronic contact


West Bank

Arab Care Hospital
​Medical and Radiology examinations
Street address



+972 2 298 6420
+972 2 298 6424
+972 599 301 358

Electronic contact


Police check

Palestinian Authority – West Bank and Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authority – West Bank and Gaza Strip
Additional information

Relevant document: ‘Certificate of No Criminal record’ (قباوسلا نم ولخ ةداهش) issued by the Ministry of Interior in Ramallah and signed by the Deputy Minister of Interior (currently Mr Hassan Alawwi).
Gaza (for Gaza Strip): Apply through a friend/relative in the West Bank (you must give the friend/relative a Power of Attorney - Wakala (ةلاكو), or through one of the service offices offices (تامدخ بتكم) in the Gaza Strip.
West Bank Residents: Apply directly at the branch of the Ministry of Interior nearest to you.
Non-residents: Apply at the Palestinian embassy or consulate or representative office nearest to you.
Provide: ID, passport and two passport size photos.
Note: the certificates are given directly to you for forwarding to the Department case officer or relevant post.