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​There is no Australian diplomatic mission in Niue. Our office in Auckland, New Zealand, manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Niue.

Niuean nationals can apply online for most Australian visas and citizenship through ImmiAccount. This is the preferred and most efficient way to apply. Any paper applications (where applicable) should be sent to the Australian Consulate General, Auckland. 

Australian Consulate General



This visa office provides immigration and visa services to clients in New Zealand and three other South Pacific countries including: Cook Islands, Niue and Pitcairn Island.

Street address
Level 7, Price Waterhouse-Coopers Towers
186-194 Quay Street
New Zealand
Counter hours
By appointment only (Australian Visa Office)
You will need to make an appointment with our Service Delivery Partner, TTServices.
64 9 921 8800
Telephone enquiries should be directed to our Service Delivery Partner, TTServices in the first instance.
64 9 921 8822
Electronic contact
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Payment information

Online payment is the preferred payment method. If you are lodging an online application, payment is made when you submit the application.

If you are lodging a paper application, you can login to ImmiAccount, select My Payments from the Manage Payments section, then select Pre-Pay Paper Service. After you have made your payment, record the receipt number on your application and include a copy of your receipt.

Methods of payment accepted at the Australian Visa Application Centres (AVACs) are available on the AVAC website.

More information on How to Pay for an application is available.

Do I need a visa?

New Zealand citizens travelling on New Zealand passports do not need a visa to enter Australian unless there are health or character concerns.

If you are a New Zealand citizen with criminal convictions, no matter how long ago your convictions were, or whether they have been removed from government records, you should obtain written confirmation from us before you travel to Australia.


Citizenship by descent, citizenship by conferral and applications for evidence of citizenship can be lodged online through ImmiAccount. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Applications for citizenship by descent can be lodged at the AVAC and are processed at this office.

Applications to resume or renounce (give up) Australian citizenship should be sent to the Australian address on the form.