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The Australian Embassy in Brussels has no visa function. Our office in London, United Kingdom manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Belgium.

Note: Belgium nationals can apply online for most Australian visas and citizenship through ImmiAccount. This is the preferred and most efficient way to apply. Any paper applications (where applicable) should be sent to the Australian High Commission, London.

Australian High Commission



This office provides immigration and visa services to clients in the United Kingdom, Andorra, Ascension Island, Belgium, Canary Islands, Falkland Islands, France, Gibraltar, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Saint Helena, Spain and Ukraine and citizenship services for all of Europe.

Street address
Australia House
Strand London
United Kingdom
Note: Courier deliveries are not accepted at Australia House. They may only be sent to the advertised courier address.

Australian High Commission
Attention - Department of Home Affairs
Suite 100
43 Bedford Street
United Kingdom
Postal address
Migration Branch
As above
Additional information

Payment information

Online payment is the preferred payment method. If you are lodging an online application, payment is made when you submit the application.

If you are lodging a paper application, you can login to ImmiAccount, select My Payments from the Manage Payments section, then select Pre-Pay Paper Service.

After you have made your payment, record the receipt number on your application and include a copy of your receipt.

We also accept bank cheque in pounds sterling made payable to the 'Australian High Commission'. If your bank is outside of the UK you must ensure the bank cheque can be 'cleared' in the UK and paid into a UK bank account. Bank cheques cannot be accepted in EUROs, Australian Dollars or any currency other than pounds sterling.

We do not accept personal cheques or company cheques.

More information on How to Pay for an application is available.


Citizenship by descent, citizenship by conferral and applications for evidence of citizenship can be lodged online through ImmiAccount.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Applications for citizenship by descent are processed at this office.

Applications to resume or renounce (give up) Australian citizenship should be sent to the Australian address on the form.

Special procedures​

We recommend all passports and valuable documents are sent by Special Delivery (if you are outside of the UK you should use registered post) to ensure trackable and secure delivery. If you are in the UK, you should enclose a pre-paid self-addressed Special Delivery envelope for the secure return of your documents.


Panel physician


Centre Hospitalier Moliere Longchamps Imagerie Medicale

Radiology examinations

Street address

142 rue Marconi
1190 Brussels


+32 2 348 5474

Centre Medical Meiser

Medical and Radiology examinations

Street address

Boulevard Lèopold III 5–7
1030 Schaerbeek


+32 2 705 8114

SPRL Yves Balon Perin

Medical examinations

Street address

Avenue Constant Montald 8
1200 Brussels


+32 2 770 6576

Police check


Street address

Federal Public Service Justice
Service du Casier Judiciaire Central
Boulevard de Waterloo 80
1000 Brussels


+32(0)2.552.27.47 (French)
+32(0)2.522.27.48 (Dutch, English)


+32 (0)2.552.27.82

Electronic contact


Additional information

Apply in person, by post, fax or email to the address above.
Relevant document: ‘Extract from Judicial Record’ (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire [French]) (Uittreksel uit het Strafregister [Flemish]).
Provide, if applying in person, a passport or Belgian ID card.
Provide, if applying by post from Belgium, a signed letter providing your full name (with pre-marital name if applicable), date and place of birth, address in Belgium and the reason for the request and scanned copy of your passport.
Provide, if applying by post from outside Belgium, a letter signed by each applicant giving full names in capital letters, all given names, date and place of birth, nationality and reason for request, and a scanned copy of passport or identity document.
Processing time: ‘while you wait’ if applying in person and approximately two working days if the certificate is being posted to you.
Note: the certificate can be issued in Dutch, German or French and will be sent by post only.