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​There is no Australian diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan.  The Department's office in Ankara, Turkey, manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Azerbaijan. 

More information about visa and lodgement is available.

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Our office in Ankara manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Street address
MNG Building
Ugur Mumcu Caddesi 88, 7th Floor
ANKARA 06700
Counter hours
By appointment only

+​90 312 459 95 50

8:30–11:30 am Monday to Thursday


+90 312 459 95 60

Electronic contact
Additional information

​​Payment information

Credit card is the preferred payment option.

Credit Card​

Payments using credit card will be processed in Australian dollars (AUD). We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners and JCB. When paying by a credit card you may incur a credit card surcharge, banking and currency conversion fees and you will need to accept the risk associated with any currency fluctuations.​​​​​

Prior to lodging your application, you may need to notify your bank of an upcoming foreign credit card transaction. Failure to do so may result in your transaction being declined. Without payment your application is invalid.

Credit card transactions processed in Australian dollars (AUD) are processed in Australia.​​​​​ A credit card surcharge may apply to transactions made using your credit card.

For credit card payments use the Payment Details Form - 1440​.​​​​​

Applications submitted by post must be paid by credit card only. You will need to fill in the payment details section of the application form with the payer's credit card information. The payment will then be processed as part of the visa application process and not at point of lodgement.

If you are unable to pay by credit card, cash payments can be made in Turkish Lira (TRY) only. Payments made in cash in any other currency are not accepted. Cash is not accepted by mail.


Applications for Citizenship by Descent can be lodged at this office.​​​​

​Applications for Australian citizenship general eligibility and other situations, and applications to resume or renounce (give up) Australian citizenship should be lodged at the Canberra Visa and Citizenship office in Australian Capital Territory​.


Panel physician


Turkish American Medical Center
​Medical and Radiology examinations
Street address

Mardanov Gardashlari Street 41/47​


+994 50 213 1387

Police check


Street address

Administration of Operational Statistic Information
Ministry of Interior
Akademik H. Aliyev 36 Baku 370005


(99412) 5909217
(99412) 5909324

Electronic contact


Additional information

Relevant document: ‘Police Certificate’.
Residents: Apply in person to the address above. You can also authorise someone to apply on your behalf (power of attorney is required).
Non-residents: Apply at the nearest overseas mission of the Azerbaijan Republic or through an authorised person in Azerbaijan (power of attorney certified by an Azerbaijan overseas mission is required). The request is forwarded through the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the General Archive Department of the Ministry of Justice. After a search has been completed, the department sends the requested document to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for forwarding to the embassy or consulate where the application was submitted.
Provide: Citizens will need to provide a copy of the main page of their passport and a letter of address to the embassy's website. For non-citizens a letter of address to the embassy with a request to obtain a police clearance stating the dates, residence and purpose of visit, and a copy of the main page of their passport should be provided. For templates and guidance see Consular Services - Requirements for Police Clearance on the embassy's website: http://canberra.mfa.gov.az/
Fee: payable
Apply to the consular section of the embassy:
5 Mialli Place
ACT 2606
Phone: +61 (2) 62 90 56 00
Fax: +61 (2) 61 62 26 90
email: info@azembassy.org.au
Consular section business hours 9am to 1pm