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There is no Australian diplomatic mission in Algeria.  Our office in Cairo, Egypt, manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

We have a Service Delivery Partner (SDP) agreement with TLScontact to provide biometrics collection services in Algeria through an Australian Biometrics Collection Centre.

Service Delivery Partner - TLScontact



The SDP is contracted by us to provide biometric collection services.

This service incurs a fee in addition to the visa application charge.

The SDP can provide the information you need to utilise these services, including how to make an appointment (mandatory).

More information is available on biometrics collection.

Street address

Australian Bio​metrics Collection Centre
Des Deux Bassins Oued
Romane El Achour Algers (Résidence Sahraoui)
El Achour, Algiers

Counter hours

8.00 am to 3.00 pm Sunday to Thursday

9.00 am to 2.00 pm Sunday to Thursday (During Ramadan)

Note: You must make an appointment prior to visiting the Australian Biometrics Collection Centre. The Australian Biometrics Collection Centre is closed on public holidays.


​+20 233 313 301
7.30 am to 3.30 pm Sunday to Thursday
All Refugee and Humanitarian enquiries should be directed to the Australian Visa Office in Cairo.
Note: International call charges apply. There is an option to leave contact details and request a return call. The call centre is closed on Egyptian public holidays.


Australian Embassy



This office provides immigration and visa services to clients in Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia.

Street address
World Trade Centre, 12 Floor
1191 Corniche El Nil, Boulaq
Cairo Egypt
Postal address
As above

Important information on mailing or couriering to the embassy is available - Special procedures.
Counter hours
By invitation only.
202 277 06666 (Australian Visa Office)

202 277 06648 (Australian Visa Office)
Electronic contact
Additional information

​​​Payment information​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Online payment is the preferred payment method. If you are lodging an online application, payment is made when you submit the application.

If you are lodging a paper application, you can login to ImmiAccount, select My Payments from the Manage Payments section, then select Pre-Pay Paper Service.  

After you have made your payment, record the receipt number on your application and include a copy of your receipt.

We do not accept bank cheques or money orders.

More information on How to Pay for an application is available.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Applications for Citizenship by Descent can be lodged at the Australian Embassy, Egypt.​

Applications for Australian citizenship general eligibility and other situations, and applications to resume or renounce (give up) Australian citizenship should be lodged at the Canberra office in Australian Capital Territory​.

Special procedures

The Australian Embassy will send all postal correspondence by registered post within Egypt.

If you intend to send an application or any documents to the Embassy from outside Egypt (including from Australia), you should engage the services of an internationally reputable courier company which will guarantee a door-to-door service. You should ensure that any courier you use has an office in Egypt and will undertake action on your behalf in relation to customs clearance.

Your courier service is then responsible for ensuring that the package is delivered to the Embassy. The Australian Embassy in Cairo cannot provide you with any assistance in clearing any item through Egyptian Customs, even if you have used an international courier as recommended. ​

Panel physician


Centre Medical IBN El Khatib
​​Radiology examinations
Street address

21 Ibn El Khatib
​Alger 1600​


+213 21 749 235


+213 21 749 203

Clinique Diar Saada
​Medical examinations
Street address

100 Chemin Abdelkader
El Mouradia 1600 Alger


+213 21 698 744
+213 21 698 711
+213 21 698 749​


+213 21 698 761

Police check


Street address

The Ministry of Justice
Citizenship Authority
El Ebyar

Additional information

Relevant document: ‘Judicial Certificate’ (Certificat du Casier Judiciaire).
Resident citizens
Apply to the Court, Ministry of Justice or the Tribunal Office Department in Algeria.
Non-resident citizens
Send an authorisation or a Power of Attorney to a relative in Algeria to obtain the certificate on your behalf. If this is not possible, apply through the Algerian embassy in your country of residence.
Resident non-citizens
Contact your embassy in, or accredited to, Algeria. The embassy will then write to the Ministry of Justice on your behalf.
Non-resident non-citizens
Ask for the certificate through the Algerian embassy in your country of residence which will forward the request to the Ministry of Justice. Alternatively, the certificate can be requested by sending a letter to the address above.
Provide: an application form, passport birth certificate, 30 Dinar stamp and evidence of your legal status at the time you lived in Algeria. No action will be taken if the stamp was not enclosed.