About Us

Client Service Improvement Programme

The Client Service Improvement Programme is the culmination of considerable work to improve aspects of client service across the department. The three elements of the improved client service program, which was formally launched by the Minister on 2 June 2006, are, Hearing You, Helping You and Our Commitment.

Hearing You

Value creation workshops

Value creation workshops have been obtaining feedback from clients, stakeholders and staff about what is important to them and what changes would benefit the department and themselves. Value creation workshops have been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra and Adelaide.

Client service satisfaction surveys

We conduct regular 'client service satisfaction surveys' using standard surveying techniques and methodologies. The aim of the surveys is to determine client satisfaction levels with the services we deliver.

Having this information helps us to identify the things we are doing well and the areas where improvements are required. To date, our client service satisfaction surveys shows that clients are highly satisfied with the improvements we have made to our services.

Helping You

Global Feedback Unit

Client compliments, suggestions and complaints, are vital to improving the quality of our information, products and services. In recognition of this, we have centralised the processing of all feedback by establishing the Global Feedback Unit. This unit collects, analyses and reports on all forms of feedback, including telephone calls, web based feedback and mail.

Case management model

Case management in the Department is designed to facilitate the resolution of exceptional cases. Exceptional cases are those involving clients who have complex circumstances and/or are vulnerable. Our officers can refer cases to a case management service where the client meets specific indicators. This currently limits the case management service to clients who are detained or are/have been subject to a compliance activity.
See: Case Management (264KB PDF)

You can contact us​ for further information regarding your case.

Our Commitment

Client Service Charter

The Client Service Charter is an example of how we have listened and committed ourselves to a client focused culture. Extensive consultations helped formulate the Charter into a document that lets our clients know what to expect when dealing with us, and how to provide us with feedback. It gives practical implementation to our motto 'people our business'.

Our Locations

We have an office is each state and territory in Australia. The contact information for each office is available on our website.