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The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce


Streamlined pathways to Australia for high yield businesses and exceptional talent

The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce offers a coordinated whole of nation suite of services and a streamlined pathway to permanent residency for exceptionally talented individuals and successful businesses interested in growing their success in Australia.

Do you lead a top tier business, or are you a highly skilled professional looking to invest your success and talents in a new location?

Are you thinking about your next move and considering locations that have succeeded in steering their economies and population through the impact of COVID-19 and will rebound strongly?

You may be eligible for bespoke assistance to help you bring your skills and business to invest in an Australian future.

Companies and individuals who qualify will have access to:

  • streamlined pathways to permanent residency
  • bespoke advice on how and where to relocate
  • industry-specific contacts and support to help you find the right location and networks
  • end-to-end service with a single point of contact.

Make an enquiry or submit your expression of interest using Global Business and Talent Attraction - expression of interest form.​ 

​You may also be interested in a range of visas designed to assist you set up a business or invest in Australia

  • Global Talent Visa program
    Designed to attract highly talented individuals, with entrepreneurial ideas and cutting-edge skills within target industry sectors, who can contribute to Australia’s economy by driving innovation and supporting the creation of local jobs.

  • Global Talent Employer Sponsored program​
    Designed to attract highly skilled migrants with cutting edge skills into niche occupations to help innovate established businesses and contribute to Australia’s developing start-up ecosystem.

  • Business Innovation and Investment program
    This visa allows you to own and manage a business in Australia, conduct business and investment activity in Australia or undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia.