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Identity security

About aviation or maritime security identification cards (ASIC or MSIC)

Changes to the ASIC and MSIC schemes

Aviation and maritime security identification cards (ASICs and MSICs) are an important part of securing the aviation, maritime and offshore oil and gas sectors from terrorism and unlawful interference.

New ASIC and MSIC designs - March 2019

The ASIC and MSIC has been redesigned with new security features.

The updated design and security features will make the card easier to verify, and harder to replicate, better protecting a card holder’s identity.

The physical changes include a larger passport quality photograph of the cardholder, a larger expiry date and a new security feature.

New ASIC design

New ASIC design


  • A grey ASIC cannot be used to facilitate access to an airside security zone of a security controlled airport.
  • A white ASIC cannot be used to facilitate access to any secure area of a security controlled airport.

New MSIC design

New MSIC design


  • A white MSIC cannot be used to facilitate access to a maritime security zone of a security regulated port or offshore facility.

Changes to regulations

Along with the redesign of the ASIC and MSIC, there are changes to the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 and the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003 to give effect to the new card designs.

The ASIC and MSIC requirements, such as dimensions, information to be included and security features of the card, will no longer be publically available.

Existing ASICs and MSICs

Current valid ASICs and MSICs will not be recalled. All ASICs and MSICs are valid until the expiry date printed on the card.

Cancelled or expired cards need to be returned to the relevant issuing bodies.

If you have any further questions regarding these changes please contact the Guidance Centre either via email at GuidanceCentre@homeaffairs.gov.au or by phone on 1300 791 581 (9am – 5pm AEST).

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