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Identity security

About aviation or maritime security identification cards (ASIC or MSIC)

ASIC and MSIC identification cards

An aviation or maritime security identification card (ASIC or MSIC) may be required if:

  • a person has an operational need for unescorted access to the secure areas of security controlled airports and the security zones of security regulated ports, security regulated ships and offshore oil and gas facilities, or
  • a person performs a specifically prescribed security-sensitive role

An ASIC or an MSIC confirms the holder has a valid background check and is not a threat to aviation or maritime security.

The ASIC and MSIC background check comprises of:

An ASIC or MSIC is not an access card. It does not give the holder the right to access secure areas and zones without the permission from the relevant authority or facility owner or operator.

Difference between ASIC and MSIC

You may be required to hold a valid ASIC or MSIC in various circumstances.

If you are visiting the secure area of a security controlled airport and do not hold a valid ASIC, you may need a visitor identification card.


You may need an ASIC, if you are required to have regular unescorted access to secure areas of an airport.

For example, you may be:

  • involved in the operation of an airport or an aircraft
  • a baggage handler
  • an airport security guard
  • a passenger screening officer or
  • an eligible Australian Border Force officer

You may need an ASIC if you are contracted or employed in a specific security-sensitive role with the following entities:


You may need an MSIC if you are required to have unmonitored access to a maritime security zone at least once year. For example, you may be:

  • a port, port facility or port service worker
  • a stevedore
  • a truck driver
  • a seafarer on a security regulated ship
  • an offshore oil and gas facility worker

You may also need an MSIC, if you are contracted or employed by an MSIC issuing body.