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Transnational, serious and organised crime

Commonwealth Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime Coordinator

Australia’s response to TSOC requires a coordinated national and international approach that connects, shares and utilises all the tools available to us, across the full spectrum of prevention, disruption and response.

In recognition of this, on 1 May 2018, the Australian Government appointed the first Commonwealth TSOC Coordinator (the Coordinator), Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Karl Kent OAM.

The mission of the Coordinator is to lead and strengthen the national effort to combat TSOC impacting Australia, with a focus on strategy, policy and capability.

Collaborative partnerships are critical to Australia’s approach to fighting TSOC.

The Coordinator is:

  • collaborating across Commonwealth, State and Territory government agencies
  • driving partnerships with the private sector and non-government organisations, including academia
  • closely engaging with international partners

Community engagement is key to building resilience and responsiveness by:

  • raising awareness of TSOC and its impacts
  • creating protections for vulnerable individuals
  • reducing the impact where harm occurs