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Countering foreign interference

Australia’s Counter Foreign Interference Strategy

​Protecting Australia’s sovereignty, values and national interests from foreign interference is the aim of Australia's Counter Foreign Interference (CFI) Strategy.

Acts of foreign interference can limit Australia’s ability to make independent judgements and can erode public confidence in our political and government institutions.

Foreign interference can also interfere with private sector decision making and negatively affect our national security and economic prosperity.

Australia’s CFI Strategy applies equally to all countries and focuses on building resilience in the sectors of Australian society most at risk from foreign interference.

Australia’s multicultural, cohesive and open society and strong international partnerships are key strengths in countering foreign interference.

The CFI Strategy includes 5 pillars aimed at enhancing capability, engaging with at-risk sectors, deterring perpetrators, defending against acts of foreign interference, and enforcing counter foreign interference laws.

These 5 pillars are:

  • enhance capability to meet current and future needs
  • engage at-risk sectors to raise awareness and develop mitigation strategies
  • deter the perpetrators by building resilience in Australian society
  • defend directly against foreign interference activity through a coordinated government response
  • enforce our CFI laws, by investigating and prosecuting breaches