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Countering foreign interference

National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator

In April 2018, the Australian Government appointed Mr Chris Teal as the first National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator (NCFIC).

The NCFIC coordinates Australia’s whole-of-government efforts to respond to acts of foreign interference by:

  • engaging with the Australian National Intelligence Community in developing assessments of the threat, vulnerabilities and consequences of foreign interference
  • administering the CFI Strategy, that builds on Australia’s existing counter foreign interference efforts across government, to create an integrated and coordinated domestic and international program that responds to foreign interference activities
  • coordinating outreach efforts and advice to sectors and systems at risk from foreign interference
  • enhancing engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to strengthen their ability to challenge manipulation and coercion from foreign actors

The NCFIC also connects with likeminded countries and regional partners to forge greater levels of domestic and global resilience to foreign interference.

Part of the NCFIC’s responsibility is to develop approaches to deter and prevent foreign interference in Australia.

This includes making Australians more resilient against the threat of foreign interference and better informed to prevent it.