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​​​​​​Fostering Integration Grants program

The Fostering Integration Grants program facilitates the participation, integration and social cohesion of both recently arrived migrants and multicultural communities in Australia. The program does this through:

  • encouraging the social and economic participation of migrants
  • developing various skills and cultural competencies to integrate into Australian social, economic and civil life,
  • building community resilience
  • promoting and encouraging the uptake of Australian values and liberal democracy
  • amplifying the value of Australian citizenship
  • promoting a greater understanding and acceptance of racial, religious and cultural diversity
  • addressing issues in Australian communities that show potential for, or early signs of, low social integration.

Fostering Integration Grants 2022 round

The Australian Government has announced the results for the 2022 round of the Fostering Integration Grants (FIGs) program. This details $5.6 million allocated to 83 projects across Australia.

The approved grants demonstrate the active role of community organisations in supporting migrant and multicultural communities. These organisations help migrants to develop various skills and cultural competencies. These skills help with integration into Australian social, economic and civil life. They also help to build community resilience.

Examples of successful grants include a:

  • project focused on female empowerment and leadership to increase economic participation and employment outcomes for migrant women
  • project focused on building skills and employment opportunities for multicultural youth
  • project supporting a series of community events
  • festival to connect community members, and share cross-cultural understandings with the wider local community. 

Many of the organisations receiving funding are multicultural community organisations. These organisations already work directly with their community and have a strong understanding of their integration challenges. 

Grant Opportunity Guidelines and a list of successful funding recipients is available on the Australian Government's grant information system.

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