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Multicultural affairs

Learn how we continue to sustain our national unity in cultural diversity

​Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program

The Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program will provide funding to eligible community language schools to help students learn and use another other languages and connect young Australians to languages and cultures of their ancestors.

Community language schools play an increasingly important role in helping to build strong communities and strengthen social cohesion through language tuition and cultural understanding.

The Community Language Multicultural Grants Program aims to:

  • support the maintenance, development and acquisition of languages other than English
  • connect young Australians to the languages and cultures of their community
  • enhance cross-cultural awareness and respect for cultural diversity

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Community Languages Multicultural Grants 2019

The Australian Government announced $10 million over two years for the Community Languages Multicultural Grants.

The program will comprise two discrete streams:

Stream 1: Per-capita funding

Per capita grant to help cover school operating costs. All eligible community language schools will receive funding based on eligible student numbers. 

Stream 2: Project funding

Eligible community language schools can apply for up to $25,000 for a project grant to develop resources or training to benefit the community language sector more broadly. This is an open competitive process.

Who can apply

Organisations must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Under Stream 2, applications from organisations applying as a consortium will be prioritised. Applicants are encouraged to seek endorsement for their proposed project from either the national peak body or a state and territory peak body relating to community languages.

What can you apply for?

Stream 1 eligible expenditures include:

  • wages or allowances to individuals teaching language classes
  • purchase of teaching materials and resources
  • stationery, photocopying
  • educational equipment or technology
  • school administration costs
  • professional development courses

Stream 2 eligible expenditures include development of:

  • curriculum or units of work
  • teaching materials and resources
  • professional development programs
  • innovative projects using digital platforms to improve technology resources for the classroom

How to apply

For information on the grants, visit GrantConnect and the Community Grants Hub .

You can also subscribe to be notified of upcoming grant opportunities on the community grants website.

Printable version of the above information is available: Community Languages Multicultural Grants 2019

Watch the video presentation below.

Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program 2019 - video presentation

The Australian Government has committed $10 million to a new grants program that will support community language schools build multilingual and cultural competency in young Australians.

The Community Languages Multicultural Grants Program comprises two discrete categories of funding – Stream One and Stream Two.

Stream One will open before the end of the calendar year. Through Stream One, the Government is providing per capita grants to help cover school operating costs.

Under Stream One, all community language schools that apply for a grant and meet all eligibility criteria will receive funding based on student numbers, capped at a maximum of $30,000 per community language school, per year.

In the Stream Two grant round, which is expected to open in early 2020, up to $25,000 will be provided per grant for the development of resources or training that benefit the community language sector more broadly.

As this is a competitive funding process, we encourage community language schools to form partnerships with the broader community to develop innovative projects.

Project endorsement from relevant peak bodies is also recommended.

For more information about the Program and how to apply, visit www.grants.gov.au or www.communitygrants.gov.au

Information is also being provided at face to face presentations across the country during December and January.