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Multicultural affairs

Learn how we continue to sustain our national unity in cultural diversity

The Multicultural Access and Equity Policy is about ensuring that Australian Government programs and services meet the needs of all Australians, regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

The policy contains six commitments essential to the effective delivery of government programs and services in a multicultural society: leadership; engagement; performance; capability; responsiveness; and openness.

Australian Government departments and agencies are responsible for applying these commitments to their work so that Australians of all backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, our society.

The Department of Home Affairs offers support to departments and agencies to implement the Policy.


To help Australian Government departments and agencies understand and meet their obligations under the Multicultural Access and Equity Policy, the Department of Home Affairs provides a range of resources. See Multicultural access and equity resources for more information.


The Department of Home Affairs has responsibility for coordinating multicultural access and equity reporting across Australian Government departments and agencies. See Multicultural access and equity reporting for more information.

​Guidance on procurement and contracting

​Multicultural access and equity applies to all aspects of government work, from policy design to service delivery and engagement, whether delivered directly or outsourced with minimum requirements applicable. Conformance to the policy will increase, amongst other things, the transparency and accountability of access and equity obligations. See Guidance on procurement and contracting for more information.