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A good day working for the Australian Border Force is rocking up to work, joining my team and going out to protect our borders.

I meet such great travellers, I’ve got such a great support structure around me and you learn so many different things every day, it’s endless.

Inspecting bags is most definitely an art form. There’s a specific procedure that we follow, however every officer has their own way of interacting with the passenger, from keeping them happy and taken care of, to getting correct answers out of them, understanding why the passenger is here, from opening a specific zip or compartment, to x-raying the bags, doing your explosive and narcotics and explosive testing on the bag itself. You need to make sure the passenger is 100 percent satisfied with the process and feels like they’re being taken care of, while you’re making sure you work within legislation in all your procedures.

I joined Border Force in 2015. The reason I joined was I was caught up in the London bombings in 2005 and so I believe that it’s very important that we secure our borders and I wanted to be a part of protecting Australia’s community.

I’ve got so many opportunities ahead of me – I could end up in the mail gateway facility, could end up in air cargo, could end up in shipping, maritime – there’s so many opportunities for anyone who wants to grasp them.

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