List of current labour agreements

This page provides a list of all current labour agreements at 1 April 2018. This list will be updated on a quarterly basis. The next update is expected to occur early July 2018. There is a total of 322 agreements in the current list below.


  • the fast food industry section below lists all existing agreements which were approved before these arrangements were ceased on 2 March 2017
  • the list is displayed in alphabetical order and it is not a list of preferred providers
  • some specific details of labour agreements (including their numbers) might remain unpublished where this is necessary to protect sponsors’ commercially sensitive business information, or national security information.

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Company Specific

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
​A. Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd​Company Specific​30-Nov-16​29-Nov-19
AGC Australia Pty LtdCompany Specific27-Nov-1526-Nov-18
​Airservices Australia​Company Specific​23-Jan-18​22-Jan-23
Aquatic Leisure TechnologiesCompany Specific02-Jun-1701-Jun-20
​Austimber Harvesting & Haulage Pty Ltd​Company Specific​12-Sep-17​11-Sep-20
Australia Western Railroad Pty LtdCompany Specific29-Jun-1628-Jun-19
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Company Specific26-Jun-1725-Jun-20
Baptist Care IncCompany Specific03-Aug-1502-Aug-18
​Binyan Studios 3D Visualisation Pty Ltd​Company Specific​29-Mar-18​28-Mar-23
Burger Project Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)Company Specific04-Sep-1503-Sep-18
Cape Australia Holdings Pty LtdCompany Specific18-Jan-1717-Jan-20
​Central Foundry Pty Ltd​Company Specific​22-Feb-18​21-Feb-23
CIVMEC Construction & Engineering Pty LtdCompany Specific22-Dec-1521-Dec-18
Co-Operative Bulk Handling LtdCompany Specific31-Oct-1730-Oct-20
Dental Specialists of Sydney Pty LtdCompany Specific11-Jan-1710-Jan-20
Department of Defence - Australian Defence ForceCompany Specific13-Aug-1512-Aug-20
Department of Defence - CiviliansCompany Specific02-Jun-1701-Jun-20
​DL & LT Pty Ltd​Company Specific​04-May-17​03-May-20
Egerton Nominees Pty LtdCompany Specific08-Apr-1607-Apr-19
Elizabeth Machines CoCompany Specific09-Feb-1708-Feb-20
ENSPEC Pty LtdCompany Specific19-Oct-1618-Oct-19
​Esbjorn Co Pty Ltd​Company Specific​07-Dec-16​06-Dec-19
Fenner Dunlop Australia Pty LtdCompany Specific01-Dec-1530-Nov-18
​Floor Innovations Pty Ltd​Company Specific​29-Mar-18​28-Mar-23
Giovenco Industries (Aust) Pty LtdCompany Specific11-May-1610-May-19
Glass Assist Pty LtdCompany Specific05-Jan-1704-Jan-20
​Hagfish Australia Pty Ltd​Company Specific​26-Apr-17​25-Apr-20
Harvey Fresh (1994) LtdCompany Specific20-Apr-1619-Apr-19
​Hoppicorp Pty Ltd​Company Specific​01-Aug-17​31-Jul-20
​Inpex Australia Pty Ltd​Company Specific​8-Feb-18​7-Feb-23
​J & V Abbott Nominees Pty Ltd​Company Specific​05-Oct-16​04-Oct-19
M. Webster Holdings Pty LimitedCompany Specific18-May-1617-May-19
​Macarthur Jet Charter Pty Ltd​Company Specific​15-Dec-17​14-Dec-20
MAS Australasia Pty LtdCompany Specific26-Nov-1525-Nov-18
Metropolitan Health ServiceCompany Specific08-Apr-1607-Apr-19
Metso Australia LimitedCompany Specific04-Jan-1603-Jan-19
​Milskil Pty Ltd​Company Specific​14-Mar-18​13-Mar-23
​National Film and Sound Archive of Australia​Company Specific​23-Aug-17​22-Aug-20
NSW HealthCompany Specific04-Jun-1503-Jun-18
Pacific Formwork Employment Pty LtdCompany Specific31-Aug-1630-Aug-19
​Paras and Partners Pty Ltd​Company Specific​27-Feb-18​26-Feb-23
​Phosphate Resources Ltd​Company Specific​28-Aug-17​27-Aug-20
​Procaffe (Australasia) Pty Ltd​Company Specific​19-Oct-17​18-Oct-20
Roads2000 Pty LtdCompany Specific20-May-1619-May-19
S C Denston & J Denston & J Richardson & R RichardsonCompany Specific11-Jan-1610-Jan-19
​Scorpion Co Pty Ltd​Company Specifc​12-Oct-16​11-Oct-19
​Smart Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd​Company Specific​19-Oct-17​18-Oct-20
​Sniper Fishing Pty Ltd​Company Specific​30-Nov-16​29-Nov-19
Specsavers Hurtsville (NSW) Pty LtdCompany Specific04-May-1603-May-19
SpecSavers Pty LtdCompany Specific28-Apr-1527-Apr-18
​Spice Temple Pty Ltd​Company Specific​04-Sep-15​03-Sep-19
Superior Production Company Pty LtdCompany Specific03-Jun-1602-Jun-19
​T & DP Guarnaccia Pty Ltd and Hunt Morrey Pty Ltd​Company Specifc​03-Aug-16​02-Aug-19
The Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic ChurchCompany Specific04-Jan-1703-Jan-20
The Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic ChurchCompany Specific28-Jun-1727-Jun-20
The Buddhist Society of Victoria IncCompany Specific23-Nov-1522-Nov-18
The Buddhist Society of WA (Inc) Company Specific09-Jul-1508-Jul-18
Ventura Bus Lines Pty LtdCompany Specific29-Apr-1628-Apr-19
​Vynban Pty Ltd​Company Specific​24-Jun-16​23-Jun-19
Western Australia PoliceCompany Specific09-Jan-1408-Jan-19
​Wren Fishing Pty Ltd​Company Specific​31-May-16​30-May-19

Dairy Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
​A W N Cameron & J G Cameron & J V Cameron & N G Cameron​Dairy Industry​02-Feb-17​01-Feb-20
​Ballangeich Run Pty Ltd​Dairy Industry​06-Sep-17​05-Sep-20
Chatsworth Park Farms Pty LtdDairy Industry21-Sep-1520-Sep-18
Dairy Team Pty LtdDairy Industry01-Feb-1731-Jan-20
Evans DairyDairy Industry11-Feb-1610-Feb-19
Gala-Valley Pty LtdDairy Industry22-Dec-1521-Dec-18
Glenbank Farm Pty LtdDairy Industry06-Jan-1605-Jan-19
Harrimar Pty Ltd Dairy Industry02-Nov-1601-Nov-19
Kydd Family Company Pty LtdDairy Industry30-Dec-1529-Dec-18
M&H Acocks Pty LtdDairy Industry05-Jan-1704-Jan-20
Meon Valley Australia Pty LtdDairy Industry19-Jan-1618-Jan-19
Moon Lake Investments Pty LtdDairy Industry30-Nov-1629-Nov-19
Oxley Island Pastoral Company Pty LtdDairy Industry20-Jul-1619-Jul-19
Peninsula Downs Pty LtdDairy Industry05-Oct-1604-Oct-19
T & S McCarthy Dairy Pty LtdDairy Industry17-Feb-1616-Feb-19
Tauwitchere Pastoral Company Dairy Industry28-Oct-1627-Oct-19
​The Union Pastoral Company Pty Ltd​Dairy Industry​07-Dec-17​06-Dec-20

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
AAT Kings Tours Pty LtdDAMA20-Apr-1719-Apr-20
Alyangula Daycare IncorporatedDAMA12-Oct-1611-Oct-19
Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal CorporationDAMA02-Mar-1601-Mar-19
Anglicare N T LtdDAMA09-Mar-1608-Mar-19
Armata Nominees Pty LimitedDAMA10-Apr-1709-Apr-20
Arnhem Early Learning Centre Pty LtdDAMA29-Apr-1528-Apr-18
Australian Property Projects Pty Ltd DAMA19-Feb-1618-Feb-19
Beaute on the Mall Pty LtdDAMA29-Jun-1628-Jun-19
BG Hotels (Holinn) Pty Ltd DAMA10-Jun-1509-Jun-18
​Central Desert Distributors Pty Ltd​DAMA​12-Oct-17​11-Oct-20
Charis Management Services Pty LtdDAMA04-May-1703-May-20
Chiplee Pty LtdDAMA25-May-1624-May-19
CJ Lee & DJ LeeDAMA02-May-1701-May-20
​Coober Trading​DAMA​29-Sep-17​28-Sep-20
Craft Beer Australia Pty LtdDAMA22-Dec-1521-Dec-18
Darwin RSL Services & Social Club INC.DAMA14-Apr-1513-Apr-18
Dtown Group Pty Ltd DAMA11-Jan-1710-Jan-20
​Eagle Training Services NT​DAMA​14-Nov-17​13-Nov-20
​Efus Food and Catering Services Pty Ltd​DAMA​12-Sep-17​11-Sep-20
​Ellies Pearling Pty Ltd​DAMA​25-Jan-18​24-Jan-23
Emu Run ToursDAMA25-Jun-1524-Jun-18
​Ford Dynasty t/a Lassesters Casino​DAMA​19-Dec-17​18-Dec-20
Forever New Clothing Pty LtdDAMA25-Jun-1524-Jun-18
​GJ & AD Turnbull Pty Ltd​DAMA​06-Sep-17​05-Sep-20
​HA & M Investment Pty Ltd​DAMA​27-Feb-18​26-Feb-23
Happy Mekong Pty LtdDAMA10-Feb-1709-Feb-20
HB Blocks Pty LtdDAMA01-Jun-1631-May-19
Head Honcho Enterprises Pty Ltd DAMA30-Dec-1529-Dec-18
Hoggies Darwin Pty LimitedDAMA10-Nov-1609-Nov-19
Investnorth Pty LtdDAMA25-May-1624-May-19
J AN R JENKINS Pty LtdDAMA23-Nov-1522-Nov-18
​JSM Civils Pty Ltd​DAMA​29-Sep-17​28-Sep-20
Karma Darwin Pty Ltd DAMA19-Oct-1618-Oct-19
​Lazy Susan (NT) Pty Ltd​DAMA​16-Aug-17​15-Aug-20
​Matt's Patch​DAMA​10-Sep-17​09-Sep-20
Marvoe Management Pty Ltd DAMA02-Nov-1601-Nov-19
Mewens Pty LtdDAMA29-Jul-1528-Jul-18
Northern Territory of AustraliaDAMA09-Aug-1508-Aug-18
NT Dental Surgery Pty Ltd DAMA24-Feb-1623-Feb-19
NT Golden Produce Co Pty LtdDAMA10-Apr-1709-Apr-20
​NTFG Pty Ltd​DAMA​22-Jan-18​21-Jan-23
​Oakstilt Investments Pty Ltd​DAMA​6-Mar-18​5-Mar-23
On Tour NT Pty LtdDAMA24-May-1723-May-20
Peter Enniss Fisheries Pty LtdDAMA29-Jun-1727-Jun-20
Pexville Pty Ltd DAMA15-Sep-1614-Sep-19
Pirate Enterprises (NT) Pty LtdDAMA02-May-1701-May-20
​P Quilty and G M Russell ​DAMA​6-Dec-17​5-Dec-20
Quinn Trading Pty LtdDAMA14-Jun-1613-Jun-19
​Quintis Forestry Ltd​DAMA​06-Nov-17​05-Nov-20
​R & Mannat Pty Ltd​DAMA​20-Nov-17​19-Nov-20
R Kumar & S KumarDAMA02-Feb-1701-Feb-20
Sea Dragon (NT) Pty Ltd DAMA28-Apr-1527-Apr-18
SKYCITY Darwin Pty LtdDAMA25-Jan-1624-Jan-19
Smith Street Dental Practice Pty LimitedDAMA31-Aug-1630-Aug-19
Suhana Butcher Shop Pty LtdDAMA10-Apr-1709-Apr-20
Symes Agriculture Pty LtdDAMA24-May-1723-May-20
Territory Rent a Car Pty LtdDAMA15-Jul-1614-Jul-19
The Trustee for JJL TrustDAMA29-Apr-1628-Apr-19
​The Trustee for The Dermal Essence​DAMA​06-Sep-17​05-Sep-20
The Trustee for the Happy Gardens Darwin Central TrustDAMA25-May-1624-May-19
Topend Investment Holdings Pty LtdDAMA02-Nov-1601-Nov-19
Trojanmede Pty LtdDAMA31-Jul-1530-Jul-18
​VIGR Holdings​DAMA​19-Dec-17​18-Dec-20
Wenbridge Pty LtdDAMA19-Feb-1618-Feb-19

Fast Food Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
Agostino Group Holdings Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry10-Nov-1609-Nov-19
B.L Fitzgerald Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry29-Sep-1528-Sep-18
Burger Project Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)Fast Food Industry01-Jun-1631-May-19
Collins Restaurants Management Pty LtdFast Food Industry15-Jul-1614-Jul-19
Collins Restaurants West Pty LtdFast Food Industry11-May-1610-May-19
Eden Corporation Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry17-Mar-1616-Mar-19
John Frankham Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry04-Jun-1503-Jun-18
Kanku Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry22-Jul-1621-Jul-19
Kingsley's Chicken Pty LtdFast Food Industry18-Mar-1617-Mar-19
M & P Hanlon Investments Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry29-Sep-1528-Sep-18
Stockfam Pty Ltd Fast Food Industry09-Mar-1608-Mar-19

Fishing Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
Austral Fisheries Pty LtdFishing Industry17-Feb-1616-Feb-19
Australia Bay Seafoods Pty LtdFishing Industry10-Feb-1709-Feb-20
Corporate Alliance Enterprises Pty LtdFishing Industry16-Aug-1715-Aug-20
Hapuku Fisheries Pty LtdFishing Industry12-Oct-1611-Oct-19
​Lavalle Fisheries Pty Ltd​Fishing Industry​25-Jan-18​24-Jan-23
​Lee Fishing Company Pty Ltd​Fishing Industry​30-Jan-18​29-Jan-23
Mareterram Trading Pty LtdFishing Industry20-Apr-1719-Apr-20
Menbar Pty Ltd Fishing Industry17-Aug-1616-Aug-19
MPJS Pty LtdFishing Industry27-Oct-1726-Oct-20
Norwest Fishing Co Pty LtdFishing Industry25-May-1624-May-19
Old Brown Dog Pty Ltd Fishing Industry17-Mar-1616-Mar-19
​Walker Seadfoods Australia Pty Ltd​Fishing Industry​22-Feb-18​21-Feb-23

Meat Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
Ashton Pty LtdMeat Industry07-Dec-1606-Dec-21
Australian Lamb (Colac) Labour Agreement Hire Pty LtdMeat Industry03-Feb-1602-Feb-21
​BE Campbell Services Pty Ltd​Meat Industry ​10-Aug-17​09-Aug-22
Cannon Hill Services Pty LtdMeat Industry15-Jul-1514-Jul-20
Derby Industries Pty LtdMeat Industry16-Dec-1315-Dec-18
G&K O'Connor Pty LtdMeat Industry06-Aug-1405-Aug-19
Harvey Industries Group Pty LtdMeat Industry14-May-1413-May-19
Hilltop Meats Pty LtdMeat Industry10-Jul-1509-Jul-18
​JBS Australia Pty Ltd​Meat Industry ​22-Dec-17​21-Dec-22
Kennedy AG Group Pty LtdMeat Industry31-Mar-1730-Mar-22
Kilcoy Pastoral Company LtdMeat Industry11-Dec-1410-Dec-19
Kimberley Meat Company Pty LtdMeat Industry09-Mar-1608-Mar-21
Lobethal Abattoirs Pty LtdMeat Industry23-Jan-1522-Jan-20
​Macro Meat Processing Pty Ltd​Meat Industry​19-Oct-17​18-Oct-22
Manildra Meat Company Pty LtdMeat Industry18-May-1617-May-21
Midfield Meat International Pty LtdMeat Industry14-Dec-1513-Dec-20
Narasell Pty LtdMeat Industry17-Feb-1616-Feb-21
Northern Co-operative Meat Company LtdMeat Industry19-Jun-1518-Jun-20
Oakey Beef Exports Pty LtdMeat Industry20-Feb-1519-Feb-20
Ralph's Meat Company Pty LtdMeat Industry15-Jan-1514-Jan-20
Roverworth Pty LtdMeat Industry15-May-1414-May-19
​Teys Australia Beenleigh Pty Ltd​Meat Industry​18-Jan-18​17-Jan-23
​Teys Australia Beloela Pty Ltd​Meat Industry​18-Jan-18​17-Jan-23
​Teys Australia Central Qld Pty Ltd​Meat Industry​18-Jan-18​17-Jan-23
​Teys Australia Naracoote Pty Ltd​Meat Industry​25-Jan-18​24-Jan-23
Thomas Foods International Murray Bridge Pty LtdMeat Industry10-Oct-1409-Oct-19
Thomas Foods International Tamworth Pty LtdMeat Industry15-Jan-1514-Jan-20
Thomas Foods International Wallangarra Pty LtdMeat Industry17-Feb-1516-Feb-20
V&V Walsh Pty LtdMeat Industry23-Jan-1522-Jan-20
Western Meat Exporters Pty LtdMeat Industry11-Apr-1310-Apr-18
Wingham Beef Exports Pty LtdMeat Industry16-Dec-1315-Dec-18
Wodonga Rendering Pty LtdMeat Industry18-Jan-1717-Jan-22

Minister of Religion

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia.Minister of Religion26-Oct-1625-Oct-19
​Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta​Minister of Religion​20-Mar-18​19-Mar-23
Apostolic Church Australia LimitedMinister of Religion18-May-1617-May-19
Baptist Church Goulburn t/a Goulburn Baptist ChurchMinister of Religion22-Jun-1621-Jun-19
Beit Midrash of WA IncMinister of Religion08-Jul-1607-Jul-19
Brisbane Chinese Alliance ChurchMinister of Religion09-Sep-1608-Sep-19
Cambodian Buddhist Association of Queensland IncMinister of Religion06-Jul-1605-Jul-19
Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA IncMinister of Religion27-Jul-1626-Jul-19
Cardwell Baptist Church, QueenslandMinister of Religion11-Jan-1610-Jan-19
Christian Restoration LimitedMinister of Religion29-Apr-1628-Apr-19
Christian Youth Channel Now (CYCNOW)Minister of Religion17-Aug-1616-Aug-19
Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New ZealandMinister of Religion26-Oct-1625-Oct-19
Dominican Sisters of WanganuiMinister of Religion30-Mar-1629-Mar-19
Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary LtdMinister of Religion29-Apr-1628-Apr-19
Every Nation Ministries and ChurchesMinister of Religion26-Oct-1625-Oct-19
Exmouth Christian FellowshipMinister of Religion10-Nov-1609-Nov-19
First Antioch Church IncorporatedMinister of Religion09-Mar-1608-Mar-19
First Romanian Baptist Church of AustraliaMinister of Religion20-Apr-1719-Apr-20
Free Reformed Church of BunburyMinister of Religion13-Jan-1612-Jan-19
Free Reformed Church Of Byford IncMinister of Religion17-Aug-1616-Aug-19
Free Reformed Church of KelmscottMinister of Religion04-May-1603-May-19
​Gereja Kristus Yesus NSW Inc​Minister of Religion​27-Oct-17​26-Oct-20
German Lutheran Church Sydney IncMinister of Religion11-Jan-1710-Jan-20
Goulburn Valley Christian Fellowship IncorporatedMinister of Religion17-Aug-1616-Aug-19
Grafton Congregation Free Presbyterian Church of ScotlandMinister of Religion18-May-1617-May-19
Hayagriva Buddhist CentreMinister of Religion19-Feb-1618-Feb-19
Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre of ACT IncMinister of Religion06-Mar-1705-Mar-20
International Buddhist Association of Australia Co-Operative LimitedMinister of Religion25-May-1624-May-19
Islamic Society of Gold Coast IncorporatedMinister of Religion29-Jun-1728-Jun-20
​Kehilat Nitzan Conservative (Masorti) Community Inc.​Minister of Religion​14-Dec-17​31-Dec-22
Lingyen Mountain Temple (Australia) IncorporatedMinister of Religion02-Sep-1601-Sep-19
​Lutheran Church of Australia Inc​Minister of Religion​08-Feb-18​07-Feb-23
Macedonian Orthodox Church St PetkaMinister of Religion24-May-1723-May-20
Members Church of God International Australia, IncMinister of Religion09-Jun-1608-Jun-19
Mennonite Brotherhood (Tasmania) IncMinister of Religion05-Oct-1604-Oct-19
Myungsung Presbyterian Church of SydneyMinister of Religion06-Mar-1705-Mar-20
Nazareth ChurchMinister of Religion10-Aug-1609-Aug-19
Panjtan Society of Victoria Inc.Minister of Religion06-Mar-1705-Mar-20
Perth Chinese Christian ChurchMinister of Religion08-Jul-1607-Jul-19
​Perth Hebrew Congregation (Inc)​Minister of Religion​29-Mar-18​28-Mar-23
Redfern Islamic Society Inc.Minister of Religion29-Apr-1628-Apr-19
Romanian Christian Pentecostal Church PhiladelphiaMinister of Religion05-Jan-1704-Jan-20
Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Association IncMinister of Religion27-Sep-1626-Sep-19
Scotch CollegeMinister of Religion11-Jan-1610-Jan-19
Shinnyo-En AustraliaMinister of Religion01-Jun-1631-May-19
Sikh Association of Western AustraliaMinister of Religion15-May-1714-May-20
Southern Presbyterian Church HobartMinister of Religion29-Apr-1628-Apr-19
Southpoint Church of ChristMinister of Religion20-Jul-1619-Jul-19
Sri Venkateswara Temple Association IncorporatedMinister of Religion17-Aug-1616-Aug-19
Stairway Church Whitehorse IncMinister of Religion30-Nov-1629-Nov-19
Sydney Onnuri Church IncorporatedMinister of Religion04-Jan-1703-Jan-20
The Anglican Diocese of MelbourneMinister of Religion18-May-1617-May-19
​The Australian Islamic House in Liverpool​Minister of Religion​04-Dec-17​03-Dec-20
The Coptic Orthodox Church - Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated RegionsMinister of Religion22-Jan-1621-Jan-19
​The Free Presbyterian Church of SA Inc Port Lincoln​Minister of Religion​17-Jan-18​16-Jan-23
The Great SynagogueMinister of Religion10-Aug-1609-Aug-19
​The Greek Orthodox Parish & Community of Belmore & District All Saints Ltd​Minister of Religion​17-Jan-18​16-Jan-23
​The Hills District Muslim Society Incorporated​Minister of Religion​06-Dec-17​05-Dec-20
The Holy Transfiguration Monastery BombalaMinister of Religion24-Aug-1623-Aug-19
The Melbourne Thai Buddhist Temple Inc.Minister of Religion15-Feb-1714-Feb-20
The Perth Diocesan TrusteeMinister of Religion11-Jan-1610-Jan-19
​The Presbyterian Church in Western Australia​Minister of Religion​20-Mar-18​19-Mar-23
The Qur'anic SocietyMinister of Religion30-Mar-1629-Mar-19
The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Victoria)Minister of Religion16-Nov-1615-Nov-19
The Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Western AustraliaMinister of Religion01-Jun-1631-May-19
Trinity Baptist Church of Brisbane IncMinister of Religion28-Oct-1627-Oct-19
Westminster Presbyterian Church - Presbytery of Western AustraliaMinister of Religion03-Aug-1602-Aug-19
Westminster Presbyterian Church Maida Vale IncMinister of Religion11-May-1610-May-19
Yun Yang Temple Australia IncorporatedMinister of Religion09-Jun-1608-Jun-19

On-Hire Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
Adecco Australia Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry04-May-1603-May-19
Anderson Recruitment and Training Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry08-Apr-1607-Apr-19
Ashdown Consulting Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry15-Sep-1614-Sep-19
​Aurec Pty Ltd​On-Hire Industry​10-Aug-17​09-Aug-20
Auscare Staffing AgencyOn-Hire Industry18-Jun-1517-Jun-18
Australian International Petro-Consultants Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry09-Jul-1508-Jul-18
B Series Contracting Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry02-Jul-1501-Jul-18
Bayside Personnel Australia Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry31-Jul-1530-Jul-18
Care Services Administration Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry24-Aug-1523-Aug-18
ChoiceOne Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry28-May-1527-May-18
​Compas Pty Ltd​On-Hire-Industry​28-Aug-17​27-Aug-20
Competentia Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry25-Nov-1524-Nov-18
​Conlon Management ​On-Hire Industry​17-Jan-18​16-Jan-23
​DX Solutions Pty Ltd​On-Hire-Industry​16-Aug-17​15-Aug-20
Edge Contracting Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry19-Jan-1618-Jan-19
Energy Resourcing Australia Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry11-Feb-1610-Feb-19
Entity Solutions Pty Ltd ATF Entity Solutions TrustOn-Hire Industry04-Aug-1503-Aug-18
Genesis IT & T Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry17-Jun-1516-Jun-18
Geoffrey Nathan Consulting Inc (GNC)On-Hire Industry18-Jan-1717-Jan-20
Healthcare HQ Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry02-Feb-1701-Feb-20
HealthX Group Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry09-Jun-1608-Jun-19
Jon & Jon Consulting Pty ltdOn-Hire Industry17-Aug-1616-Aug-19
Manpower Services (Australia) Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry04-Jan-1703-Jan-20
Medical Staff Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry29-Jun-1528-Jun-18
​NES Global Pty Ltd​On-Hire Industry​19-Oct-17​18-Oct-20
Network Nursing Agency Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry22-Dec-1521-Dec-18
On Call Staffing Solutions Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry01-Feb-1731-Jan-20
Orion Engineering Services (Aust) Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry03-Aug-1502-Aug-18
Pivotal Point HR Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry14-Dec-1513-Dec-18
Polyglot Group Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry02-Jun-1701-Jun-20
Programmed Skilled Workforce LimitedOn-Hire Industry02-Mar-1601-Mar-19
Robert Walters Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry25-Jun-1524-Jun-18
Securitech Consultancy Solutions Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry04-May-1603-May-19
Techstaff Pty LtdOn-Hire Industry04-Jun-1503-Jun-18

Pork Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
​APFG Management Pty Ltd​Pork Industry​10-Aug-17​09-Aug-20
​Bettafield Piggery Pty Ltd​Pork Industry​01-Aug-17​31-Jul-20
​CEFN Pty Ltd​Pork Industry​12-Oct-17​11-Oct-20
CPC Staff Pty LtdPork Industry24-Sep-1523-Sep-18
Derby Industries (Pork Production)Pork Industry02-Mar-1601-Mar-19
GD Pork Pty LtdPork Industry06-Jan-1605-Jan-19
​Gunpork Management Pty Ltd​Pork Industry​04-Dec-17​03-Dec-20
Sunpork Commerical Piggeries Pty Ltd Pork Industry29-Jan-1628-Jan-19
Western Plains Pork Pty LtdPork Industry27-Sep-1626-Sep-19
Westpork Pty LtdPork Industry30-Dec-1529-Dec-18

Restaurant (Fine Dining) Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
​Aqua Dining Pty Ltd​Fine Dining​29-Mar-18​28-Mar-23
Condi Pty LtdFine dining31-Aug-1630-Aug-19
Customs House Café Pty LtdFine dining21-Mar-1629-Mar-19
Ormeggio Pty LtdFine dining15-Feb-1714-Feb-20

Snow Sports Industry

Company NameLA TypeStart DateEnd Date
Australian Alpine Enterprises Pty LtdSnow Sports Industry10-Apr-1709-Apr-20
Buller Ski and Snowboard School Pty LtdSnow Sports Industry09-Mar-1708-Mar-20
Buller Ski Lifts Pty LtdSnow Sports Industry09-Mar-1708-Mar-20
Buller Sports Pty LdSnow Sports Industry09-Mar-1708-Mar-20
Charlotte Pass Village Pty LtdSnow Sports Industry27-Feb-1826-Feb-23
Falls Creek Ski Lifts Pty LtdSnow Sports Industry10-Apr-1709-Apr-20
Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Limited, NSWSnow Sports Industry20-Apr-1719-Apr-20
Perisher Blue Pty LtdSnow Sports Industry06-Mar-1708-Mar-20