Australian study requirement

The course or courses you have undertaken at an Australian educational institution must:

  • be registered through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
  • have been completed in a total of at least 16 calendar months
  • have been completed as a result of at least two academic years of study
  • have been conducted only in English
  • have been undertaken while you were physically in Australia
  • have been undertaken while you held a visa that allowed you to study.

A course can be counted only once; you cannot count failed courses.

Two academic years of study is 92 weeks of study. The standard duration (the number of weeks) of each course is determined by CRICOS. You will only be credited with the number of weeks that CRICOS determines is standard for the course. For example, if you take 92 weeks to complete a course that CRICOS says should take 78 weeks, you will receive credit for 78 weeks only. The study does not have to be full time.

If you are exempt from a course because you have been given credit for prior learning, the exempted course cannot be counted.

If the 92 weeks of study contribute towards more than one qualification, courses do not have to have been completed within a 24-month period; you could have had a break between the courses.

More information is available about the Australian study requirement.