Not recover from, transfer or charge certain costs to another person

    You must not take any action or seek to take any action that would result in the transfer or charging of costs (including migration agent costs) to another person, such as a sponsored visa holder or their sponsored family members. This includes costs that relate to:
  • the recruitment of the person you sponsored
  • becoming or being a sponsor, or a formerly approved sponsor.
    This obligation:
  • starts on the day the sponsorship is approved
  • ends on the following two events:
    • you cease to be an approved sponsor
    • you are no longer sponsoring a visa holder.
    Sponsors are also required to pay certain costs associated with becoming a sponsor and not pass these costs, in any form, onto another person. These include:
  • cost of sponsorship charges
  • migration agent costs associated with the lodgement of sponsorship and visa applications
  • administrative costs and any sundry costs an employer incurs when they conduct recruitment exercises, including:
    • recruitment agent fees
    • migration agent fees
    • the cost of job advertising
    • screening of candidates, short listing, interviews and reference checks
    • salaries of recruitment or human resource staff
    • the cost of outsourcing background checks, police checks and psychological testing where they relate to an employer determining an applicant’s suitability for the position
    • training of new staff
    • responding to queries for prospective candidates, and advising unsuccessful applicants
    • travel costs for the sponsor to interview and/or meet the applicant either overseas or in Australia.