You can apply under the Entertainment activity type of this visa if you will be working in the entertainment industry in one of the following activities:

  • lead actor in a television or film production
  • support actor in a television or film productions
  • cameo appearance by celebrities
  • reality television personnel or contestants who will be receiving a salary
  • stage comedians
  • international music acts and support staff
  • live theatre performers and support staff
  • singers and musicians
  • classical music performers
  • actors for viral videos (internet)
  • cultural performers
  • presenters for a documentary
  • celebrities playing themselves in a commercial
  • non-performing production and technical crew
  • journalists or other media personnel covering events
  • dance choreographers conducting dance workshops which includes a closing ticketed public performance

You can apply under one of the following categories of entertainers:

You should consider applying under another activity type of the Temporary Activity visa or for a different visa if you are one of the following: