Business innovation stream

    You need to provide valuable input into the Australian economy. You must:
  • obtain and maintain substantial ownership interest in a business in Australia
  • participate, at a senior level, in the day-to-day management and decision-making of that business.
    In the business, it is expected that you will do at least one of the following:
  • develop business links with international markets
  • create or maintain employment in Australia
  • export Australian goods
  • produce goods or services that would otherwise be imported
  • introduce new or improved technology
  • add to commercial activity and competitiveness within the Australian economy.

We might ask you to complete a monitoring survey about your business activities in Australia.

Extend your stay: the Business Innovation Extension stream

You can apply to extend your stay for an extra two years under a Business Innovation Extension stream.

    To be eligible for this extension stream:
  • you must already hold a visa in the Business Innovation stream, and have had it for at least three years
  • you must demonstrate a need for you to be resident in Australia to operate the main business
  • you must have a current nomination from a state or territory government agency
  • you must have maintained an ownership interest in your nominated main business, which must have been operating actively in Australia for at least two years
  • you must have maintained your commitment to stay directly involved in the day-to-day management and decision-making of the business.

You cannot apply for this stream if you have held more than one subclass Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188).

If another visa is granted, it will be valid for another two years from the date your first visa is granted (six years in all). The extra time gives you time to qualify for a Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888).

Provide your supporting documents and pay the visa application charge by credit card when you apply.