Individuals and Travellers

Visas that have a health waiver provision

A limited number of visas have a health wavier available as outlined below. For more information about the process and types of waivers available see health waivers.

Visas that have a provision for a health waiver to be considered

100 Partner (from 1/7/2009 or Spouse before 1/7/2009)
101 Child
102 Adoption
186 Employer Nomination Scheme (Temporary Residence Transition stream only)
187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Temporary Residence Transition stream only)
188Business innovation and investment (Provisional) (Business Innovation Extension stream or Significant Investor ​Extension stream only)
189Skilled Independent 189 (New Zealand Stream only)
201In Country Special Humanitarian
202 Global Special Humanitarian
203 Emergency Rescue
204 Woman at Risk
300 Prospective Marriage
309 Partner
445 Dependent child
449 Humanitarian Stay
457*Temporary Work (Skilled)
Note: This visa is closed to new applications, however, this still applicable to pending cases. A waiver is not available to IEFAO applicants.
461 NZ citizen family relationship
​482​Temporary Skill Shortage
​500Student (​Foreign Affairs or Defence sector only)
801 Partner
802 Child (residence)
820 Partner (extended eligibility)
850 Resolution of status
852 Referred stay (Permanent)
887 Skilled Regional
888 Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)

*Please note a special type of waiver applies to this subclass.

Visas where a health waiver provision is available in specific circumstances

A health waiver can be considered for the following visas if the specific circumstances outlined below apply:

  1. the primary applicant has applied in Australia as a long residence applicant or if the primary applicant has applied as a defence service applicant.
  2. the applicant holds a particular provisional visa
  3. the applicant holds a visa obtained by Ministerial Intervention such as a substituted 600 or 676.
143 Contributory parent C
151 Former Resident A
884 Contributory aged parent (T) C
804 Aged parent C
864 Contributory Aged Parent C
890 Business owner (residence) B
891 Investor B
892 State/Territory sponsored business owner (residence) B
893 State/Territory sponsored investor (residence) B ​