Requirements for yachts and pleasure craft

The information contained on this page applies to the non-commercial use of pleasure craft, motor sailors and motor cruisers and provides an outline of the procedures and legal requirements which apply to the Master of these vessels arriving in and departing from Australia.

If you are in charge of any of the above mentioned craft, you are considered the Master of the craft, even if you are not its owner and the owner is on board.

Whether you are a returning resident, migrating to Australia or a visitor, you need to comply with entry requirements. You can help speed this up if you follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure each person on board has a valid visa and passport;

2. You are required by law to notify the Department before you arrive. Let us know you are coming

3. Clearly display the International Pratique Q-flag and travel directly to an appointed boarding station;

4. Complete the Arrival forms and Incoming Passenger Card.

Australia has strict laws to protect its citizens and natural environment. Penalties may be imposed if you breach those laws by illegally importing:

  • Drugs;
  • Animal or plant material;
  • Firearms, weapons or ammunition;
  • Protected wildlife and products made from them;
  • Some food items; and
  • Some medicinal products including Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Please read this information carefully.

Reporting suspicious activities

Please report any suspicious activities you encounter during the course of your voyage or while in Australian waters to the Department.