Migrant with permanent residence - summary

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If you are a permanent resident of Australia and meet the other eligibility requirements, you might be able to apply for Australian citizenship by conferral. Confer means to give. Citizenship by conferral means to be given citizenship.

Eligibility - check whether you meet the eligibility criteria to become an Australian citizen, which include that you are a permanent resident, meet the residence requirement and are of good character.

Documents - documents you need to prepare with your application.

Apply -complete and lodge your application with the fee and documents. You can apply if you are in or outside Australia.

Appointment - you will be invited to an appointment to sit your citizenship test or have an interview. We will make a decision about your application and advise you of the outcome.

Ceremony - make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at your citizenship ceremony after you receive an invitation.


 The fee for this application is AUD 285, unless you are eligible for a concession