Changes to the citizenship test in 2009

An independent review of the Australian citizenship test was undertaken in 2008 to help the government examine the content and operation of the citizenship test to make sure that it was achieving its purpose of providing an effective pathway for residents to become Australian citizens.

The 2008 Citizenship Test Review Committee made 34 recommendations to improve the test. The government fully supported 23 of the recommendations and gave in-principle support to a further four.

Implementation of the government supported changes was completed and included:

  • a citizenship test based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge that new Australians make when becoming citizens
  • a revised citizenship test resource book
  • a simplified citizenship application process
  • changes to test exemptions
  • a citizenship course

More information on the 2008 committee’s work including their report Moving forward… Improving Pathways to Citizenship and the government’s response to the report is available.