What happens on the day of the test

Please ensure that you arrive on time for your citizenship test appointment. The confirmation letter or email that was sent to you after you lodged your application lists all the documentation you will be required to provide us on the day.


Part of your citizenship appointment includes a registration process for the citizenship test which is conducted in English. A test administrator will verify your identity and confirm the details provided on your application form and check that you are eligible to take the citizenship test.

You will then sit the test using a computer. Sometimes the test may be on paper if no computers are available.

Child care

Child care facilities are not available at the test centres, so please make sure you make alternative arrangements for child care.

Test fee

You are not required to pay a separate fee to sit the citizenship test. However, you will need to pay a fee to lodge your application for citizenship. The application fee covers the cost of the citizenship test. There is no extra charge for sitting the test more than once.

Getting your result

If you have taken the citizenship test in Australia using a computer, the result will show on screen immediately after you complete the test.

If you have passed, your result will be automatically recorded with your citizenship application and you will soon be advised of the outcome of your application by a departmental officer.

In the event that you fail, you can ask to re-sit the test again. If possible, you will be allowed to sit the test again on the same day. Alternatively, you can re-book another test appointment particularly if you would like more time to prepare.

If you complete the citizenship test in another country or do a paper-based test, there will be a delay in getting your test results.