Evidence of Australian citizenship - apply

Apply online

You can apply online if you are in or outside Australia. Scan original documents including Form 1195 - Identity declaration (81KB PDF) to attach to your application electronically.

Apply online


The fee for this application is AUD 190, unless you are eligible for an exemption. Read the information about the application fee and how to pay it before you lodge your application.

If you apply to change details on your certificate and you believe we made an error, you still need to pay the application fee. You can apply for a refund by completing Form 1424 – Request for refund (332KB PDF), and submitting it at the same time as your Form 119.  We will assess whether we made an error on your certificate.

Fee exemption

No fee is payable if:

  • the application is to replace evidence of Australian citizenship that was lost, destroyed or damaged due to a natural disaster on our natural ​disaster list
  • the application is made within 18 months of the date specified for the natural disaster on the list.

To receive the fee exemption, you will need to apply using paper application Form 119 - Application for evidence of Australian citizenship (427KB PDF)