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Interactive fun for primary students

​The Australian Citizenship Affirmation 

You can now complete the Australian citizenship affirmation online. There ​​are two levels to choose from. Gina Giraffe, the newest member of the Australian Citizenship Day team of characters, will be watching! There is also a paper-based versio​n, the Australian Citizenship Affirmation (185KB PDF).

About Australia cross-off 

Discover more about our fantastic country and watch Gina Giraffe and the other Australian Citizenship Day characters slam dunk the basketball and demonstrate great teamwork in the About Australia Cross-off game! See also, the About Australia cross-off paper-based version (208KB PDF)

Australian citizenship – what’s it all about? Fact or fiction? 

What are the privileges and responsibilities of being an Australian citizen? Begin with Level 1 then move on to Level 2. Watch Tilly Bilby bowl, Pledge Platypus wicket keep and Benjiro Bear hit a ball for six in Australian Citizenship - What's it all about?. See also, the paper-based version Australian citizenship true/false quiz for primary school student (84KB PDF).


​Celebrate Australian citizenship 

This is a multiple choice quiz with a twist. Discover what you know about Australian citizenship and when you have completed the quiz, help Tilly Bilby break the pinata wide open in the Celebrate Australian Citizenship quiz. A paper-based version of a similar game is available, Australian citizenship true/false quiz for primary school student (84KB PDF).

Australian citizenship true or false 

Join Tilly and Pledge at the beach and enjoy this great Aussie quiz, Australian citizenship true or false. You decide whether the answers are true or false. Enjoy the sight and sound of the waves washing up on the beach!  There is also a paper-based version, Australian citizenship true/false quiz for primary school student (84KB PDF)

Australian citizenship crossword 

​Test your knowledge of Australia and fill out the interactive Australian citizenship crossword. Completing a crossword online has never been so much fun! There is a paper-based version of a similar game, the Australian Citizenship Day word search (206KB PDF).