Amending Name Or Date Of Birth Details For Australian Citizens

If the name or date of birth details on your Australian citizenship certificate are incorrect or have changed since you acquired Australian citizenship and you wish to amend these details, you must complete: Form 119Application for evidence of Australian citizenship.

If you are requesting a change because you believe the department made an error, you may be eligible for a refund of the application fee.

When lodging your application you must provide certified copies of all original documents which prove your identity and support your application. You will need at least 3 documents which collectively show your:

  • photograph
  • signature
  • current address
  • date of birth, birth name and any changes of name.

As a minimum, the following documents should be used as evidence of your date of birth, birth name or a change of name:

  • your full birth certificate, and
  • evidence of links between current and previous names, for example a marriage or divorce certificate, if applicable or
  • a certificate issued by an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages as official evidence of change of name, if applicable.

This checklist can assist you in providing the supporting documents required for your application.

You must also complete the Identity declaration in the application form and provide an endorsed passport size photograph of yourself. The photograph must be signed by an Australian citizen from the designated list of occupations as evidence of your identity in the community.

When your replacement Australian citizenship certificate is issued, you must return your current certificate to the department.