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Are you a permanent resident travelling overseas these holidays?​

If you’re a permanent resident planning to travel outside Australia these holidays, be sure to check your travel facility expiry before you go. An Australian permanent resident visa allows you to live in Australia indefinitely, however the travel facility of your visa will only last for a specified period.

You will need a Resident Return Visa (RRV) if the travel facility on your permanent visa has expired or is about to expire and you wish to travel overseas and retain your Australian permanent resident status.

Checking your travel facility on your visa is easy, visit or download the myVevo application through the app store. 

You can apply for an RRV in Australia before you leave, or while you are outside Australia - leaving it until the last minute will result in difficulties checking-in at the airport when trying to re-enter Australia.

Applying for an RRV is simple. You can apply online, without providing any documents, if:

  • you are a permanent resident
  • you have lived in Australia for a total of at least two years within the last five years
  • your name and date of birth have not changed since grant of your last visa.

Departing Australia without an RRV may affect your permanent residence requirements for citizenship.

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