How can I update my details?

You must notify us of changes in your circumstances as soon as possible.

You must notify us of a change in address if you have an undecided application and you intend to change your residential address for 14 days or more.

You should advise us of a change of contact details including your email address while you hold a visa. This will help us contact you if required.

You should advise us of a change of passport details if you currently hold a visa, as your visa is associated with your passport.

If you are notifying us of a new name on your passport, you should provide official evidence of the name change, for example certified copies of the name change certificate or marriage certificate. This will ensure that we can process the change as soon as possible.

If you are notifying us of a change to your sex and/or gender information, please provide one of the following as evidence of your sex and/or gender:

  • a statement from a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Registered Psychologist which specifies your gender
  • a valid Australian Government travel document, such as a valid passport, which specifies your gender
  • a state or territory birth certificate, which specifies your gender. A document from a state or territory Registrar of Birth Deaths and Marriages recognising a change of sex and/or gender will be seen as sufficient evidence. 

If you need to make any changes to your contact, passport or gender details you can notify us by one of the following methods:

    Note: We can accept scanned, photographed or electronically signed completed forms. If you have been issued a new passport, please provide a scanned copy or photograph of the biographical page of your new passport with the completed form. The biographical page of your passport is the page that contains your photograph, personal details and the issue/expiry dates.

Other changes in circumstances 

Tell us if your circumstances change after you have lodged your application (family changes such as marriage, relationship breakdown, new defacto relationship, give birth to a child, or change your employer).

If you have already lodged your visa or citizenship application, and we have not made a decision, you can update your information using Form 1022 - Notification of Changes in Circumstances (77KB PDF) and send the form to the area processing your application.