Can I change my personal and/or application details through my ImmiAccount?

You can edit your application in your ImmiAccount up until you submit it to the department for processing.

If you realise after you have submitted your application that you have made a mistake, you can complete a notification of incorrect answers online form from within ImmiAccount.

To access this online form, open your application in ImmiAccount by clicking on the Reference number of the application you want to update. This will open the application details page. From there, click on the ‘Update us’ link at left of screen, then click on the link titled: ‘Notification of incorrect answer(s)’ in the centre of screen. If you are unable to access this online form, please print out and complete Form 1023 – Notification of incorrect answer(s) (248KB PDF). You can then scan this form and attach it to your application in ImmiAccount.

Information on attaching documents to an online application is available.

Other online forms are available in ImmiAccount. These include:

  • Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient (including migration agent)
  • Change of address details
  • Change of email address details
  • Change of passport details, and
  • Notification of changes in circumstances.