Why has the Australian Passport Office (APO) referred me to the Department of Home Affairs?

You might be referred to us to get proof of your Australian citizenship for one of the following reasons:

  • the  APO is unable to determine your citizenship status based on the information you have provided to them
  • to resolve a discrepancy with the information recorded on your citizenship certificate and other information held by the APO or contained in your passport application. This might occur for one of the following reasons:
      • you are not able to provide the most recently issued citizenship certificate
      • the APO needs to verify the currency or genuineness of the citizenship certificate such as when there is a hand written amendment on your certificate
      • information is missing from your citizenship certificate, such as the date you acquired citizenship.

You can apply for proof of your Australian citizenship by lodging Form 119 - Application for evidence of Australian citizenship (445KB PDF) with certified copies of the required documents and the application fee.