I had an item seized from me. What can I do?

You may appeal for the release of the seized items within 30 days of the seizure. ​

​Please follow the instructions on the seizure notice if you wish to appeal the seizure. 

Please note:

  • If written permission is required to import or export the goods, then this must be presented to the Department and any applicable duty paid before an appeal for the release of goods may be considered.
  • If after 30 days no application has been received by the Department for the goods, they will be deemed forfeited to the crown.  Once this occurs the items are no longer available and will most likely be destroyed.

The Prohibited and Restricted Imports page provides information on prohibited and restricted goods and broadly outlines where you can obtain more information about the mailing address or e-mail address to use to apply for permission to import your type of restricted item.