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Guy Thompson, Chief Operating Officer Perth Airport: The benefit of attending the Industry Summit for us at Perth Airport is that we get to hear the latest ideas that are coming from the Department, get to meet up with colleagues here and importantly get to discuss some of the things that are important for us at a local level. 

Peter Clay, DXC Technology: The opportunity to engage with peers across industry and particularly to hear the insights from the leadership of DIBP itself.

Connie Terreberry, Canadian Border Services: It’s an amazing opportunity to meet industry and government contacts, new and old, and then secondly to learn all about the initiatives and advancements, priorities of the Australian Federal Government, and I work very closely with them as a partner. So those are really important reasons to be here.

Minister Dutton: There are exciting times ahead in the Immigration and Border Protection space. Whether it is through the establishment of the new department or through delivering sweeping reforms to migration and cross-border trade. Every reform the Government has announced is focused on securing a better future for our nation. Home Affairs will deliver a strong foundation for us to succeed. Maximising the economic benefits of 21st century migration and cross-border trade depends on first getting Australia’s security settings right.

Peter Clay, DXC Technology: There’s nothing like hearing from the Minister, where he sees the vision for the Department going and then getting the granularity from the workshops to really understand the way reform is to happen in to the future and how industry can help.

Acting Australian Border Force Commissioner Outram: The importance of our relationship with industry of course cannot be overstated. It is through fora such as these we continue to develop robust relationships, dialogue and partnerships between you and for example, the Australian Border Force. Let me start by making two really important points.   First – faster trade and travel and a strong, secure border are not mutually exclusive; in fact on the contrary, they are mutually reinforcing concepts.  Second – the ABF is and will remain Australia’s customs service into the future.

Sheldon Thompson, Caribbean International: It's very important for our organisation to work with the Department, because basically our objectives are very much the same and that’s to move large amounts of travellers through our border seamlessly and safely and obviously protecting the integrity of the border.

Greg Davis, New Zealand Customs Service: The biggest benefit for me at this Summit is to meet with all the Government stakeholders and industry stakeholders which are really really important to the New Zealand environment, particularly at the border.

Connie Terreberry, Canadian Border Services: To be here and learn the ways that we can share best practices and leverage off each others successes is really paramount.

Jessica Mitchell, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources: It’s incredibly important that we are working together, that we foster a genuine productive working relationship and that we understand that we need to invest together in to the future to meet the challenges of the changing border environment.

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