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Mark Raven, National ELT Accreditation Scheme Ltd: The Department seems to have a strong appetite for collaboration with industry associations and organisations and I think that’s a very positive step for both policy and the Department’s culture in helping us to take Australia to the wold.

Darren King, Informatica: This is the second summit of this type that I’ve attended, there certainly is a genuine opportunity to discuss. I do commend the Department this time around for opening up more opportunities for questions within the focus sessions.

Ben Somerville, DHL Express Australia: Yea the co-design of policy I think is very, is very, important, rather than just industry or the Department making the decision and imposing that on the other party, that they actually work together to understand were each party is coming from and to get some mutually beneficial outcomes. That would be good.

Enrica Centorame, Global Forwarding Pty Ltd: It’s very important that we’re using cutting edge technology which assists our clients in getting their cargo faster and also assists Government in capturing the data in a faster way.

Erskine Rodan OAM, Erskine Rodan Associates: I believe that there seems to be a wind of change coming through the Department, led by the Secretary and senior officers of the Department in Canberra and I’m hoping that will come down to the regional areas.

Lars Karlsson, KGH Border Solutions: Good process is a good process and we can only do that in partnership, and I think the Government now has opened up a good door to actually have a dialogue as I said before I think that is going to be great.

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