Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

Provides an online service to check visa details and conditions.

Traveller checking visa entitlement


For a fast and convenient way to view and email your visa details and conditions, download myVEVO for free from your app store – it's VEVO in your pocket.

Maritime Crew Visa (MCV) holders

If you have a Maritime Crew visa you can check it is still valid, through the MCV online status enquiry page.

We have education and training videos in our Help and Support section to assist you with accessing your visa information from VEVO.

VEVO can only provide information about foreign nationals who have their details available in our systems. Some foreign nationals, such as permanent residents that migrated to Australia before 1990 and who have not travelled out of Australia, might not have a searchable record with us. Persons who could be affected by this should see the VEVO Help and Support information.

Everyone working in Australia has basic rights and protections in the workplace, including minimum pay and conditions. More information is available on Workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australia.

Visa Holders

As a visa holder you can use VEVO online or the myVEVO app, to check your current visa details and conditions. You can also send your visa details to any email address you like.

Note: VEVO does not provide information on previous visa/s or new applications still undergoing assessment by the Department.

You do not need to register to use VEVO, all you need is your travel document, passport or ImmiCard details and one of the following reference numbers:

  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN)
  • Visa Grant Number
  • Visa Evidence Number (not available in the myVEVO app).

Note: All visa holders included in the online visa application can use the TRN and see the full visa details of the individual visa holder.

If you don’t have any of the above reference numbers you can request one through the VEVO Request for Reference Number Form.

Alternatively, if you lodged your application online through your ImmiAccount, or have previously imported your application into your ImmiAccount, then you will be able to find your TRN and Visa Grant Number in your ImmiAccount.

You can watch the VEVO education and training videos to assist you with accessing your visa information.

Understanding your visa details and conditions

When you use VEVO, the following details about your visa can be shown:

Visa details in VEVOWhat it means
Current Date and TimeDetails the time and date the VEVO check was made.
NameThis shows the visa holder name as recorded in our systems.
Passport numberThe passport number that was used to make the VEVO query.
Visa class and subclassDetails the visa you have been granted.
Visa stream/ Education sectorThe stream associated to the visa class and subclass of your visa. For example, Visitor Visa Tourist stream, Student Non-Award Sector.
Visa descriptionAdvises type of visa granted. For example, Student, Visitor or Resident Return.
Visa applicantShows if you are the main (primary) visa applicant or a family member (secondary) applicant.
Visa grant dateThe date we made a decision to give you a visa.
Visa expiry date

For temporary visa holders only.

If you are:

  • outside Australia, this is the date your visa ends
  • in Australia, this is the date the period of stay ends on your visa. You must leave Australia before midnight (AEST) on this date.
Visa status

The status of your visa.

  • ‘In effect’ means that your visa has started, but it won’t be activated until you enter Australia.
  • ‘Temporarily ceased’ means your granted ‘Longer Validity’ Visitor visa has been temporarily ceased.
Visa grant numberThe number that identifies your visa.
Entries allowed

A visa might be granted for a single entry or multiple entries within a specified period.

  • Single entry: You can only enter Australia once.
  • Multiple entry: You can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid, but the total time you spend in Australia cannot be more than the period of stay that you have been granted.
Must enter before dateIf you applied for your visa while outside Australia and your visa allows multiple entries into Australia, this is the date your first entry must be made by.
Must not arrive after date

You must enter Australia before this date – as long as you enter Australia before this date you are allowed to be in Australia for the stay period listed for your visa.


  • temporary visa holders, this is the date your visa ends
  • permanent residents (including resident return visa holders), this is the date the travel facility of your visa ends. That means if you depart Australia after this date you will require a resident return visa to re-enter Australia.

    Note: Departing Australia without a resident return visa can impact your permanent residency requirements for citizenship.

Period of stayTells you how long you are allowed to stay in Australia on your visa.
LocationWhere you are when the VEVO check is undertaken, either inside or outside Australia.
Work entitlementsThis will let you know whether you are allowed to work in Australia while holding the visa.
Workplace rightsInformation to assist visa holders with knowledge of your Australian workplace rights and protections.
Study entitlementsThis will let you know whether you are able to undertake a course of study on your current visa.
Visa conditions

For temporary visa holders only.

Tells you what you can and can’t do while in Australia on your visa.

I am a New Zealand citizen, how do I create or change a password for VEVO

If you are a New Zealand citizen and in Australia, you can contact us through our general enquiries line to receive a password to check your own visa details in VEVO.

Note: A password is not able to be used in the myVEVO app.

If you already have a password you can self-serve your password change by using the ‘change your password’ option in the VEVO for Visa Holder system.

Sending your VEVO check to someone else

There might be times when you want to send your visa details to someone else, such as an employer or landlord not registered to use VEVO, or to the government of a country you would like to visit.

You can do this by searching VEVO for your details and using the 'Send Email' function from the 'Entitlement details' screen.

Further information is available in our user guide.


myVEVO is a free mobile app. The app provides a fast and convenient way to check your Australian visa work rights, study rights, travel conditions and expiry date.

How to get it

Free download from the Apple and Google online stores. The app will not download to mobile devices with a compromised operating system, otherwise known as 'Jailbroken or Rooted' devices.

If you forget your PIN

You don’t need to contact us to get back into myVEVO. You need to put in the incorrect PIN three times, and then you will be asked to create a new PIN.

Note: for security purposes, all personal information saved previously will be cleared.

How you can send your visa details by email

You can send an email to any email address using the app. Tap on the ‘Send Email’ option in the top right corner and enter required email addresses in the next screen presented.


Organisations can register for VEVO at any time by completing the online registration form. The types of organisations that register for VEVO include:

  • Registered Migration Agents (RMAs)
  • employers
  • labour suppliers
  • sharing economy organisations
  • education providers
  • financial institutions
  • real estate agents
  • telecommunication companies
  • Government agencies.

How to register to use VEVO

To register you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Those looking to apply for RMA access to VEVO will need to provide their Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN).

Education institutions should provide their Commonwealth Register for Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Number or the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Number, if the CRICOS number is not available.

Note: Foreign governments in Australia cannot register for VEVO. If you are a representative of a foreign government and need to know the visa status of a foreign national in Australia, you can ask the visa holder to email you their status directly from VEVO.

More information about registering is available in the 'Register for Organisation Access' tab.

Requirements to check a non-Australian citizens details

VEVO does not provide evidence of the identity of a person. Always sight the passport or the identity document, such as ImmiCard, to confirm their identity and ensure that it matches the details shown in the VEVO Entitlement Check.

You must also request and retain the visa holder's permission to check their details in VEVO.

When using VEVO you need to be aware of the following:

  • While VEVO does display the name of the visa holder as recorded in our systems, it is not confirming the identity of the visa holder, it is just confirming the travel document has a visa associated against it.
  • Visa holders do not require a visa label or stamp in their passport.
  • Only holders of non-Australian passports can be checked in VEVO.
  • VEVO will not allow details of Australian passports to be entered.
  • Any other Australian issued documents (such as Titre de Voyage or a Document for Travel to Australia) are to use the 'citizenship' or 'nationality' of the holder shown in the document.

Save or print search results

As a registered organisation you can save or print the visa details. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you are not registered for VEVO but you need to find out someone's visa details

Visa holders are able to send you their visa status directly from VEVO. They will need to access VEVO and use the 'Send Email' function.

We do encourage eligible organisations with a need to confirm the visa status of a foreign national, such as employers checking the work rights of a potential employee, to register as a VEVO Organisation account holder. This will keep a record for you of the searches that you have conducted and the responses provided to you.

Register for Organisation Access

To register for a VEVO for Organisations account you need to create an ImmiAccount and have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN). VEVO offers different access categories; your business requirement will determine the VEVO access provided. You can register for VEVO at any time.

Note: Your Organisation Account Administrator (OAA) and/or the Department will need to approve your access request.

The client groups and categories table can help you determine what type of access your organisation might receive. Employers and labour supply companies wanting to check work entitlements attached to a prospective or current employee/s visa should register under the work entitlements category.

If your organisation needs to use VEVO for any other purpose, you can contact us for help with your registration.

Client groups and categories

Client Group Category Description
Employers Work entitlements

Employers, labour suppliers, economy sharers or background screening companies can register for the work entitlements category.

This category enables organisations to check the work rights of visa holders who are either prospective and/or current employees.

VEVO will display whether a person has:

  • unlimited work rights
  • limited work rights including a description of the work conditions
  • no work rights.
Educational institutions Study entitlements

Only authorised education providers can register for the study rights category.

This category enables authorised institutions to check the study rights of students.

VEVO will display whether a person has:

  • unlimited study rights
  • limited study rights including study conditions
  • no study rights.

Authorised institutions can also select the work entitlements category if required.

Licensing authorities Licensing eligibility

Only authorised licensing authorities that issue work related licences can register for the licensing eligibility category.

This category enables authorised licensing authorities to check the residence status and work rights of a person applying for a licence.

VEVO will display whether a person:

  • is living permanently or temporarily in Australia
  • and if they have:
    • unlimited work rights
    • limited work rights including work conditions
    • no work rights.
Commercial  organisations Residence status

Only organisations that need to know a person's residence status in Australia, (such as telecommunication providers, real estate agents and financial institutes) can register for the residence status category.

This category enables organisations to check the residence status of a person.

VEVO will display whether a person is living permanently or temporarily in Australia.

Government organisations Immigration status

Only Australian government departments or agencies that need to know a person's permanent residence or citizenship status in Australia can register for the immigration status category.

This category enables government departments and agencies to check whether a person is a:

  • temporary or permanent resident
  • New Zealand citizen in Australia.
Medicare Australia Medicare eligibility Only staff from Medicare/Department of Human Services can register for this category.
Migration agents Migration agent

Only Registered Migration Agents (RMA) with a valid Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN) can register for this category.

This category enables RMAs to be provided similar information as the visa holder is provided. VEVO will display all information an RMA needs to know about their client’s current in-effect visa.


Help and Support

How to use VEVO-Visa Holders

1Open the VEVO for Visa Holders web service
2From drop down menu provided, select the ‘Document type’ (passport, ImmiCard, Titre de Voyage (TDV), DFTTA or PLO56) that will be used to identify you in our systems.
​3​Select which Reference type you want to use (you can use the down arrow at the end of box to choose which type) and enter the departmental reference number in the field that now appears.
Note: PLO56 will automatically default to the Visa Evidence Number; PLO56 holders will need to enter the number shown on the visa label attached to the evidence card.

Enter your date of birth, document number and the country that issued you your passport/ImmiCard.

  • if you are using your ImmiCard or a PLO56 you will not need to enter a country
  • TDV holders need to enter their country of nationality, rather than country that issued the TDV.
5Check the box to agree to VEVO’s Terms and Conditions and, use the submit button.

Additional information to assist you with using VEVO is available in the following user guides and educational videos:

User guides

Education and training videos

These videos can be watched independently of each other, without the need to view in the below listed order.

Promotional videos

How to use myVEVO

Free download from the Apple and Google online stores. The app will not download to mobile devices with a compromised operating system, otherwise known as 'Jailbroken or Rooted' device.

Step Action
1Create a PIN. Last successful visa details can be saved with your own PIN, making it easy to access the visa details with myVEVO.
2Select the 'Document type' from the options provided.
​3​Enter your date of birth, document number and the country that issued you your passport/ImmiCard.
Note: If you are using your ImmiCard, you will not need to enter a country.
4Enter your departmental reference number.
5Press Submit and agree to VEVO’s Terms and Conditions.

How to use VEVO – Organisations

To check visa holder's details and conditions, use the person's passport or ImmiCard.

Step Action
1Login to your Organisational ImmiAccount that has VEVO access.
2Enter the person's name (family and given names) – this should be as it appears on the person's travel document.
​3​Select the 'Document type' that will be used in the enquiry.

Enter the person's date of birth, their document number and the country that issued the passport/ImmiCard.
Note: If you are querying:

  • an ImmiCard holder you will not need to enter a country.
  • a TDV holder you will need to enter their country of nationality, rather than country that issued the TDV.
5Check the box to agree to VEVO’s Terms and Conditions and, use the submit button.

Promotional videos

Why am I getting an error message?

Some of the most common reasons for getting an error message are:

  • The wrong details are being entered.

Ensure details have been entered correctly including, reference number (visa holders only), passport number, country and the date of birth.

Be careful not to confuse letters and numbers with similar appearances, such as the letter I and the number 1, the letter O and the number 0.

  • You are using the wrong passport or the details of a previous visa.

If a new passport has been issued since the visa was granted, we need to be advised so we can update our records. If you lodged your visa application through ImmiAccount, you can access your account and update your passport details using the ‘Update us’ link and then selecting the ‘Change of passport details’ option. Alternatively, use Form 929 - Change of address and/or passport details.

VEVO only provides visa details for the current in-effect visa. It does not provide information on previous visas or applications for new visas.

  • There is an issue with recorded client data

If VEVO provides an error message, you will need to provide a scanned colour copy of the travel document via the VEVO enquiry form to enable investigation of issue.

  • VEVO is experiencing a system problem or is down for maintenance.

VEVO can be unavailable unexpectedly or for system maintenance. Information about known technical issues or scheduled outages is available on the System maintenance and technical issues page.

  • The visa might have expired.

Information on contact points for if VEVO advises ‘no valid visa found’ is available under the Contact Us section of this page under Status Resolution Service.

  • Long term resident of Australia who does not have an electronic record with us.

People who arrived in Australia prior to 1990 as a permanent resident and have not travelled from Australia since, are unlikely to have an electronic record. Permanent resident visa holders, who do not have, or cannot use or obtain, a passport can request the creation of an electronic record to enable access to VEVO.

The ImmiCard will also allow Government agencies to verify visa holders’ Commencement of Identity in Australia.

Other ways that someone can prove their right to live and work in Australia can be found at our Employing legal workers page.

New Zealand citizens

New Zealand citizens are often granted a Special Category (subclass 444) visa when they arrive in Australia. The subclass 444 automatically ends when the New Zealand citizen departs Australia.

VEVO will only provide subclass 444 visa details and conditions when the New Zealand citizen is in Australia. If you need to check your visa details while you are in Australia, you can request your visa grant number using the VEVO Request for Reference Number Form. For further information, refer to Fact sheet - New Zealanders in Australia.

PLO56 holders

Holders of a Refugee or Special Humanitarian Programme visa who were previously issued a PLO56 (visa evidence card) and require a valid credential to access government services, are eligible to apply for an ImmiCard.

Note: The PLO56 is no longer accepted as a current and valid document in Australia for identification purposes.

VEVO for Visa Holders

 If you hold a PLO56 you can apply for an ImmiCard to access VEVO. For more information on ImmiCards, see the ImmiCard page.

VEVO for Organisations

VEVO cannot automatically return visa information when a VEVO organisation searches a PLO56 holder. Instead, registered organisation account holders are recommended to enter PLO56 in the Document number field, which will generate an online referral to receive a manual response by email.

Contact Us

If you are unable to resolve your VEVO issue or question after following the steps above, you can contact us via the:

  • VEVO enquiry form
  • General enquiries line (Visa Holders) on 131 881
  • Employers’ Immigration Hotline (Organisations) on 1800 040 070.

Status Resolution Service

Has your visa expired? The Status Resolution Service is a free service we offer, to work with people who have overstayed their visa or have a Bridging visa E.