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Amanda O'Brien: Xtreme Freight is a medium sized transport and logistics company and we’re all around Australia.

It is a growing company, it’s exciting, it’s agile, our people are key to our success.

Well, the Xtreme Freight story is we never say no to our customers and everybody has a bit of a chuckle about that, and that’s the truth.

The work that we do with Australian Border Force is particularly important to our business, because we handle so many facets of the transport and logistics industry. It’s been very professional, it’s been very rigorous, we’ve had quite a few audits and it’s also made us evaluate our business, and I think it’s always good to have that motto of continuous improvement.

And I think what the Australian Trusted Trader Programme actually does, is it makes you look within your own business on how you can improve your processes, your procedures and we can always improve.

That gives us a better reputation in the marketplace and obviously makes us much more attractive to multinationals who want do business with us. It’s very important that we become part of a safe, secure network and we understand the importance of our role in that network, and by working with Australian Border Force and global organisations we can also have that knowledge, feed that back into our processes and ensure that our standards remain high.

We are all about continually improving our services to our customers and clients.

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