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Ross Christiansen: Superbee Honey Factory is located in Forbes, central western New South Wales.

Our business here is to put honey into bottles and then to market that product to Australia and the rest of the world.

Our company has been importing and exporting goods from overseas for many years now. We export to just about every country in Asia.

I mean we export to Fiji, Papua New Guinea, America, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, quite a few places and we, through this programme and also through Austrade we've been able to resolve those problems.

One of the other advantages of this programme is that we're kept up to date with any legislation that's happening, recent memorandum of understanding with several countries.

The key benefit I've seen in our business is the fact that we do have an account manager that we can refer to.

I also believe that it gives our customers confidence that we are a legitimate company, that we are a seasoned exporter and that I think in the long run will benefit us greatly and increasing our sales to overseas customers.

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