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Damien Stringer: Hi, I’m Damien and I’m the Operations Manager at Marinova in Hobart in Tasmania and a welcome to our facility here today.

The Marinova depends on the timely delivery of imported seaweed from around the world to manufacture bioactives from, and so we signed up to the Australian Trusted Trader Programme to give us a portal to Border Force and to ensure that those deliveries can continue in a timely fashion.

The approval process for the ATT Programme was really easily accomplished.

The assistance that Border Force provided throughout was fantastic and made the transition to being a Certified Trusted Trader quite seamless.

So far the personal contact within Border Force has been the most valuable part of the Trusted Trader Programme for Marinova and we can rely on that contact to give us timely feedback and any trade issues that we have.

Marinova’s looking forward to more directly engaging with Border Force and being able to provide some feedback to important policy areas that are of relevance to our international trade, and we’re also looking forward to sort of cross-disciplinary relations between Border Force and other government agencies who Marinova deals with.

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