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Quentin Kennedy: So, our business, Kialla Pure Foods is one of the original businesses in the organic industry and we manufacture a range of organic cereal grains.

So, we only do organic products. We take about 20 different grains to all stages of value add, whether it’s whole grains, flours or even into retail.

These are exported primarily into Asia with Taiwan, Korea and Japan being our main export destinations but we also go to New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

Kialla joined the Trusted Trader program because we’ve run, as you’d appreciate, many Q.A. programmes across our businesses for food safety and manufacturing aspects but there was… there was I guess, a gap in that import-export protocol side of the business.

So, we saw that was a good fit to slot in amongst our other QA (quality assurance) programs and complete that whole supply chain program. 

Our partnership with the ABF has been great.

They’ve been very supportive through this whole process and been able to, you know, give us guidance where we needed it and so that it certainly, you know the help was there, the assistance was there when we needed it.

They’re seeking our opinions on how they can improve the process which I think is great, particularly probably from a small exporter point of view. We’re not a large exporter, so we might have different needs.

I’d recommend ATT to other small exporters.

I guess it’s the… it closes the final gap in the whole supply chain in terms of QA programs but also definitely the dedicated account manager, you know, it gives them that point of contact.

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